Serene shelter embraces natural beauty of the Northern Rocky Mountains

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This spectacular river house was designed by architects Suyama Peterson Deguchi in collaboration with Doug Rasar Interior Design, located in the Northern Rocky Mountains of Washington. The home was designed to maximize its site, embracing its rugged, mountainous environment. Designed for a retired couple, the layout included a guest wing and extended outdoor living zones. The property is located in a cul-de-sac neighborhood, overlooking a beautiful meandering river.

The challenge the architects faced was designing a home that could be a private oasis, connecting it with both the river and mountains. “An elongated concrete wall on the north side provides a structural backbone for the composition,” states the architects. All of the living spaces were designed on a hillside either on or below grade, set on a shed roof to protect the home from the harsh elements.

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“Concrete was selected as the dominant material, based on its durability and because it aesthetically anchors the design to the site,” states the architects. The concrete helps to visually extend the interior spaces to the outdoors—blurring the lines between indoors and out. It was serves as a compositional base for the other material elements used in the design—wood, glass, metal and plaster finishes.

From the street, the dwelling appears to be understated and minimal. One enters the residence through a concrete walled pathway to an airlock entry of pivoting glass doors. A series of living spaces features walls of concrete and plantings. This further enhances the indoor/outdoor connection. “The synergy of the landscape architecture, art and furnishings contribute to the serene sense of place,” states the architects.

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What We Love: This home offers a sense of tranquility between the breathtaking views of the Northern Rocky Mountains and a meandering river. The use of concrete gives the dwelling a minimalist feel, yet the integration of glass and indoor-outdoor connection helps to soften the environment… what are your thoughts? Please share with us in the comments below.

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Photos: Aaron Letiz

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