Imposing compound surrounded by mountains in Methow Valley

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Studhorse Residence was designed as a four season family retreat by Olson Kundig Architects, situated in the remote Methow Valley, in Winthrop, Washington. Nestled in the North Cascades, the home is comprised of steel and reclaimed barn wood. The home was built with the client’s desire to experience and interact with the surrounding landscape. The compound consists of four separate and detached structures that encircles a central courtyard that houses a swimming pool. Each of the buildings is angled to take advantage of 360 degrees views and soak in dramatic features encompassing the home, such as the nearby Studhorse Ridge and Pearrygin Lake. Interior public spaces are comprised of a family room, kitchen and bar area, which are conglomerated into the main structure. In an adjacent structure are the private areas, comprised of the master bedroom suite, kids’ bedroom and den. A separate building houses the guest room, isolated from the rest of the buildings to allow for independent usage. There is a fourth building that frames a stunning view over the valley below, which houses a sauna.

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This sensational home is a recipient of the 2015 housing awards, noted for its modest use of materials, such as “concrete flooring, concrete fireplace and OSB on the ceiling”. The jury liked that the home did not use historical references and was so different from the architecture that they have seen before. With the site plan being the center force, “the complex relations between the three parts is exciting but the courtyard locks it into place.”

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Photos: Architectural DigestBenjamin Benschneider


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