A cozy farm house surrounded by woods in North Carolina

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This beautiful two-story farm house renovation project was designed by Platt Architecture in collaboration Gary Daniel Builders, located in Henderson, North Carolina. The exterior facade of ‘Runaway Farm’ is clad in a cedar siding stained in the color Spanish Moss by Cabot.

Asheville-based interior design firm Alchemy Design Studio was commissioned to create the inspiring interiors scheme is this country home. Featuring a traditional styling throughout the interiors, you will find bright and airy spaces thanks to skylights and soaring ceilings.

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What We Love: This stunning farm house is full of charming details, from the wood beamed ceilings to the beadboard paneling on the walls and ceilings. Expansive windows helps to illuminate the spaces with natural light and capture the views of the beautiful countryside that surrounds the home. It all starts with a welcoming exterior facade, beckoning you inside, where cozy living spaces awaits… readers, what is your favorite feature of this home? Please share with us in the comments below!

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Above: The flooring in the main entryway is flagtone with a random pattern layout and a natural cleft face.

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Above: Throughout the main living spaces are beautiful wide plank pine floors.

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Above: A spacious outdoor patio features a stone clad fireplace was sourced from Etowah Fireplace and Patio. The pizza oven was sourced from Earthstone. Built-in cabinetry helps food prep and storage, while seating areas provides plenty of space for entertaining family and friends.

Farm House Renovation-Platt Architecture-17-1 Kindesign

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Photos: Kevin Meechan

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3 months ago

what the square footage and the acers also whats the groud density and good for animals

3 months ago

is this good for farm life horses,cows ,sheep ,dogs ,goats

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