33 Of The Most Amazingly Brilliant DIY Christmas Tree Alternatives


This holiday season, skip the traditional Christmas tree and try decorating your home with a non-traditional tree that can be placed anywhere. Trees are expensive and the real ones are high maintenance, especially if you plan on traveling. If you find yourself limited on space, or live in a condo or apartment, a tree alternative could be a perfect solution.

If you have a large home, these trees can add some unique holiday decor to your scheme. There are plenty of alternatives that should spark your interest. whether you are looking for something bold and bright or clean and minimal. Continue scrolling down the page to check out the spectacular tree alternatives we have collected for you.


1. Frosted Branches Hanging Tree: The design of this tree was inspired by Scandinavian winters. Perfect for those who are constrained by space but still wish to decorate for Christmas. This rustic hanging tree features birch branches strung together with jute string. Each branch features a dusting of snow. Just hang it on your wall and add some decorations. (via Cox & Cox)


2. Chalkboard Christmas Tree: Get creative and get the whole family involved in your own personal chalkboard tree. All you need is a chalkboard or some chalkboard paint. (via A Legg Up)


3. Reusable Wood Christmas Tree: This attention-grabbing tree features dispersed branches which allow you to easily see all of your ornaments. You can also add string lights to really light this modern tree up. The best part, pack it away and pull it out again next year! The tree is made of sustainably forested hardwood —$320  (via Etsy)


4. Christmas Tree of Stacked Branches: You can easily DIY this look by gathering some tree branches, going from longer to shorter at the top. This tutorial can give you a general idea of how you can put one together. (via Kara Rosenlund)


5. Christmas Ladder Tree: This can be a cool accent anywhere in your home. If you want to do something different this year, pull out an old wooden ladder and get to work decorating it. Don’t forget some fresh pinecones and string lights. (via Funky Junk Interiors)


6. Christmas Tree Made of Books: Have an affinity for books? If you don’t have a collection this size, you can check out old bookstores, thrift sales, used book sales, and garage sales. This book tree was made from 80 books! Use LED lights that do not get hot, after all, they are wrapped around the paper. (via Family Sponge)


7. PVC-Pipe Christmas Tree: This tree can hang or lean against a wall, perfect for small space living. Not only is it adorable, but adds a unique look to your space and is inexpensive to make. All you need is plywood, PVC pipe, a saw, and epoxy. Have a look at the source for instructions. Note: An alternative, use paper mailing tubes or wrapping paper tubes in varying sizes (you can use scissors to cut since you may not own a saw. You can also switch out the plywood for foam core) (via Martha Stewart)


Alternatively, you can make your PVC-Pipe tree with a little festive color like Home Depot has done above.


8. Pallet Wood Christmas Tree: This one is beautiful to look at, but a little more on the technical side for a DIY project. If you own a jigsaw, you can make it! Get all the details and instructions from our source. (via Thistlewood Farms)


9. DIY Alternative Christmas Tree: Perfect for small spaces, this one can be mounted on your wall. All you need are some branches, string lights, pinecones, and small decorations. (via Free People)


10. Christmas Photo Tree: Now this is a really neat idea. Photographs are embedded in acrylic blocks and stacked in the shape of a Christmas tree. What is neat about them is that you can gift them after you finish a holiday dinner party. The images can be of your family, extended family, pets, or whoever you like. Be sure to add some ornaments and a tree topper! (via Emily Henderson)


11. A Classic Maple Tree: This all-wood tree stands at 7 feet tall, it’s minimalist and simple to decorate. Try wrapping the tree with a pre-decorated garland to bring in the Christmas spirit. (via The Jubiltree Company)


12. Minimalist Christmas Tree: A cutout plywood tree creates a clean and simple holiday look. Try adding string lights if you want a little something extra. (via Varpunen)


13. Christmas Present Tree: The cool little DIY requires a shelf that should be wider than the tree. Wrapping paper in shades of green (or any color you wish), ribbons, and other decorations to attach to the presents. A star to hang over the tree. All you need to do is wrap the gifts and place them on the shelf to emulate a tree. The boxes can contain gifts, or be empty for show only. This can also be an advent tree, with numbers on them from 1-24 with little surprises inside! (via House Doctor)


14. DIY Makeshift Christmas Tree: If you are on a budget or have limited space, this is a great option. All you need is a large-scale engineer print, this one is 36×48 (here). You can get it printed at Kinkos for around $10. This one is hung like a tapestry. If you like ultra-minimalism, that’s it. If you wish for a little sparkle, add some small ornaments, tinsel, lights, etc. (via Almost Makes Perfect)


15. Christmas Tree in a Jar: Use a see-through or decorative vase to add some evergreen branches. You can use the ones cut from the bottom of your Christmas tree. Or if you do not have a tree, go to Home Depot or any tree-cutting service and ask them for some clippings. Don’t forget some ornaments. This would look great anywhere, your countertop, dining table, etc. (via Enjoy Your Home)


16. Christmas Tree Driftwood: Affix branches to your wall in the shape of a tree. Add decorations and a tree topper. An amazing visual statement! (via Welke)


17. Unconventional Wood Tree: This minimalist tree in Dutch stylist Kim van Rossenberg’s home is minimal and a space saver. Just add a few of your favorite decorations. (via Vtwonen)


18. Christmas Tree Print: Print out a picture of a tree and affix it to your wall. Decorate as you wish! You can optionally place a table below for presents. (via BijzonderMOOI)


19. Homemade Tree. This Christmas tree is a charming DIY project for those that do not want needles all over the ground. You will need several items such as a wood dowel, wood glue, black fabric, spray glue, foil stars, and a pompon for the top. Get the complete instructions from our source. (via Vtwonen)


20. Wall-Mounted Christmas Tree. For those who lack the square footage for a full-on Christmas tree, consider this alternative instead. Have a look at our source for the full details on how to DIY. (via Livet Hemma)


21. Faux Christmas Tree. If you are looking to save a tree, don’t have space, or want to add something extra, here is a unique tree idea. It’s minimalist and whimsical, just add a few nails for your tree shape. If you have a big house, you can add this to a hallway or entryway. (via Domino)


22. Wooden Christmas Tree. Another fantastic DIY project, paint a wooden tree in a trendy blue color, or any color you wish. Get crafty for the holidays and host a party to showcase what you made. Use lettering to create a holiday message—get a free letter printable here. Get the complete instructions from our source. (via Vtwonen)


23. Chalkboard Tree. This DIY alternative is inexpensive and fun for the whole family. A creative way to add some Christmas spirit to your home. Perfect if you have limited space. (via Biancas Wohnlust)


24. Alternative Christmas Tree. This tree on canvas is a classic look with gold luster. The tree features a golden chain on canvas. Materials needed: One large gold necklace or chain link. Gold pins (target is a great start). Key chains to affix homemade Christmas cards to (you could also use ornament hooks). Lastly, a large white canvas board from an art supply store. (via Vtwonen)


25. DIY Chalk Tree. Another fun one to create with the whole family. All you need is a chalkboard or a chalkboard wall. You can even place this in a kid’s room or playroom for some holiday fun. The yarn pom-pom garland tutorial can be found here. Alternatively, retailers such as Anthropologie sell pom-pom garlands during the holidays. (via HGTV)


26. DIY Christmas Tree. An  Instax printer was used to print out a photo of a pine tree. Your task is to find a tree image you like and crop it into Instaxable-sized portions. If you use a smaller template, you will have fewer photos to crop. An alternative would be to use images you already have and double-sided tape them to your wall in the shape of a tree. Be sure to create an outline first. Don’t forget the string lights! (via Urban Outfitters)


27. Christmas Tree Alternative. This tree is a great space-saver, decorated on any wall of your choosing. All you need is to collect some nature from outside and a few additional fun items. Gather some evergreen branches and tape them down to your wall with masking tape. This one features tarot cards, old photographs, and torn-out book pages. Begin at the top and work your way down. Tree bark was added to the bottom, appearing like a stump. (via Free People)


28. DIY Pallet Christmas Tree. Affix a palette tree anywhere, inside or out it adds some festive decoration to your holiday scheme. (via Kristin Vald Photography—Flickr)


29. DIY Wall Tree: Draw a chalk tree on your wall and pin ornaments, garland, and string lights for a unique, budget-friendly idea. (via Pinterest)


30. Christmas Tree for Outdoor: A Scandinavian-style tree that will infuse the holiday spirit onto your property. (via BravaCasa)


31. Palette Christmas Tree. This wooden palette Christmas tree is the perfect DIY if you are limited on space or just want something more unique in your home that you can use year after year. (via Pinterest)


32. Ornaments Tree. Using twine, secure to your wall in a zig-zag pattern in the shape of a tree. Add string lights and hang ornaments in a variety of shapes and sizes for a glamorous aesthetic. ( via Pinterest)


33. Pine Branch Tree. The dark pop of color on this wall really helps the string lights to pop. To create this tree you will need LED string lights (each branch has a set of battery-operated lights), a few ornaments, evergreen garlands, and Command™ Clear Decorating Clips. Get the DIY tutorial at the provided link. (via Apartment Therapy)

Readers: Which one of these Christmas tree alternatives is your favorite? What would you include in yours?

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