30+ Fabulous Christmas decorated living rooms to inspire


Enchanted by the magic of Christmas, bloggers across the blogosphere decorate their homes for the holidays and we have showcased a collection of our favorites here. The living room is the most important room in your home to focus your decorating inspirations on. It is the heart of the home when it comes to holiday gathering with friends and family, next to the kitchen of course. It is typically where you place your tree, real or faux and where your fireplace is located, which needs to be decked out for Santa! Your space should be warm and inviting, a place where you can enjoy entertaining and relaxing.

You should consider all aspects of your living room when it comes to decorating. A place to put your tree where it can be the star of the room, but not be in a high traffic area. You may even need to consider moving furniture for the placement of your tree. You can decorate your fireplace, mantel, windows and even your walls. Your limit is your imagination and whether you wish for minimal or Christmas crazy! Have a look below for some amazing ideas to help you get started.


1. A tree is decorate with colorful ornaments and plaid ribbon for a festive display.


2. A neutral and minimal decor scheme features a faux tree with pine cones and frosted white tips.


3. This tree radiates with color, red, white and silver ornaments with red garland. Beautiful presents sit waiting to be opened.


4. Its all about the tree in this living room, with varying sized ornaments in a black, red and white scheme. Twinkling lights sets the tree aglow.


5. Mantel Decor: The fireplace above is an excellent example of decorating your mantel, which can be the focal point of your living room. If you opt out of decorating a tree, then go all out on your mantel decor! Do not compete, keep it simple if your tree is nearby. Decorate with Christmas lights, garland, stockings, candles, small trees, pinecones, berries, faux snow, ribbon, glass canisters filled with lights and even some signage. Another idea would be to hang ornaments off your garland or even from your mantel. Hang a wreath above your mantel. The firebox could have candles or faux wood placed inside. Don’t forget to decorate the sides of your fireplace with lanterns and other holiday decor.


6. This living room is decorated with glitz and glam in a neutral color scheme that is breathtaking.


7. Love the pops of color in this holiday decorated living room! Pink, gold, green, orange and white. Go for bold and bright this Christmas.


8. A simple faux tree has been decorated for Christmas, tucked out of the way between two chairs. Instead of using a tree stand, this blogger propped her tree up in a wooden box. She used a sleeping bag that had a plaid pattern on the inside. Turned it inside out to add some color and support to the tree.


9. A beautiful tree sits next to a decorated mantel with stockings, garland, string lights and a wreath.


10. Decorate your walls with signage, such as one with your favorite holiday tunes written out.


11. A simple, yet beautifully decorated mantel with garland and stockings.


12. A garland with berries, pinecones and ribbons decorates this mantel. To complete the aesthetic, stockings, topiaries and a wreath.


13. This Christmas tree has been given an extra snowy look with added cotton it between the branches. Red presents and ornaments pop with the white backdrop.


14. A sophisticated tree decorated with pinecones and ornaments, complete with a snow-tipped branches.


15. It’s All About The Tree: When we decorate for the holidays, it seems fitting to have a tree, one of the first things to begin decorating with. You can decorate with a real tree, artificial tree, a potted tree, tabletop tree or even one on a wall. Your tree typically goes in the living room, but you can put one anywhere in your home (every room if you wish). Select your decor scheme on your style, this can be changed every year if you like. You can also do small changes to create a big impact, such as the addition of large ornaments. Ideas includes: shabby chic, traditional, modern, red and white, red and green, all white, all silver, silver and gold, keep scrolling down the page for more ideas!


16. Small potted trees accent the fireplace, while stockings adorn the mantel.


17. A cozy living room gets spruced up for the holidays with simple decor. Red pillows, small potted trees and a Christmas sign.


18. A whole wall turns into a focal point with string lights, a Christmas sign, potted evergreens, vintage skis and a wreath.


19. This glommed up tree showcase purple, turquoise and silver ornaments. Garland and stockings on the mantel and some well-wrapped presents!


20. White garland is wrapped throughout the tree to give it a snowy affect. The red ornaments and berries really pop.


21. Red ribbon stands out beautifully against the green of the tree. Red ornaments and small potted evergreens decorate the mantel.


22. A tree decorated with yellow, blue and white ornaments and beautiful snowflakes.


23. Holiday pillows brings the spirit of Christmas into this living room. Garland decorates the window and fireplace mantel.


24. This adorable Christmas tree is decorated in white and silver, natural woods and string lights.


25. The Christmas tree in this living room brilliantly stands out with is bright pops of red running all through it.


26. A rustic-inspired mantel with pieces of wood, evergreen branches and a wreath. The red lantern and throws pop in this decor scheme. Tip: If you go to Home Depot (or any tree sellers) to buy your tree, you can ask them for extra branches to decorate your home for some natural (and free) decor.


27. A glitzy tree decorated in silver and gold with pops of red for a refined aesthetic.


28. A sophisticated Christmas decorated living room tucks the tree away in the corner for a more subtle affect. A centerpiece on the coffee table of varying height candles and ornaments.


29. A snowy Christmas tree with white and silver ornaments and a few pops of red. Stunning.


30. A more sophisticated aesthetic, this tree features large ornaments and presentation. Love the wrapped gifts!


31. Don’t forget about the coffee table. Add a beautiful centerpiece filled with some of your favorite holiday items. A basket works beautifully, filled with ornaments, pinecones, candles and greenery.


32. A snowy tree gets neatly tucked out of the way, filled with plenty of holiday joy. Christmas pillows adds to the decor of this cozy living room.


33. Plenty of drama, glitz and glam in this holiday decorated living room. An evergreen decorated mantel with silver, black and gold ornaments. This same color scheme is repeated in the tree decor, making quite a statement.


34. A mantel decorated with stockings, faux trees and Christmas signage, creating plenty of holiday cheer.

Christmas Decorated Living Rooms-35-1-kindesign

35. A fireplace mantel is decorated with Christmas cheer, including stockings, garland, faux trees, lanterns and fire logs. A basket filled with an extra throw and pillow adds a nice touch.


36. A mantel is decorated with a wreath, lit up garland and a bench decorated with faux fur and pillows.

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