Charming historical Australian home gets barn style addition

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Interior design studio Sisällä has impressed us with another home in their collection, this one features a barn style addition, located in Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia. Beautifully positioned in a highly sought after coastal location, a charming new addition was created to this charming bungalow. The interior features an inviting barn style aesthetic. The new design needed to function seamlessly to meet the needs of a modern family lifestyle. However, aesthetically the design needed to be sympathetic to the historic nature of the original structure.

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The interior design sits comfortably within the context of the house without being an imitation of the older style. Thorough deliberation was given to the interior layout, making sure that the barn was visually connected to the original house. The designers selected beautiful, yet durable materials in their custom cabinetry to create a stylish aesthetic. Bright and airy spaces are decorating with chic furnishings, lighting and decor, offering a stunning backdrop to family living.

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What We Love: The barn style addition reflects bright and airy spaces with comfortable furnishings that are perfect for family living. Our favorite features are the living room with its soaring ceilings and the kitchen with its white subway backsplash. Light wood flooring helps to reflect light, as do the white walls, making this addition feel spacious and livable.

Readers, what are your thoughts, which space in this addition is your favorite and why? Please share with us your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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Photos: Amorfo

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