Concrete and glass shelter with indoor-outdoor Aussie lifestyle

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Sophisticated interiors and clean lines characterize this contemporary renovation project focused on indoor-outdoor living by architects Foong + Sormann, located in Elwood, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The homeowner is related to the architect and helped to collaborate on this remodel to cater to the lifestyle needs of her family. Completed in 2011, an addition helped to give the family more space for their daily activities. The 7,965 square foot (740 square meters) structure consists of an assembly of simple forms which were designed to create a seamless connection between indoors and out. The architects worked with a minimal use of materials, mainly concrete and glass, creating a low-maintanence home with a lack of clutter. A contemporary open plan helps to create continuity from one space to the next, while sliding glass doors extends the interiors to the outdoors, creating an open shelter.

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Light-hued wood flooring runs throughout the main living spaces, while the wood decking around the exterior perimeter helps to blur the indoor-outdoor boundaries. According to the architects, they wanted to infuse the home with fun and glamor. They were inspired by “Case Study Architects, particularly Pierre Koenig and Craig Ellwood, with influence from Mies van der Rohe and Tezuka Architects.”

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What We Love: A stunning open layout that features seamless connections between inside and out, beautiful use of materials and great attention to detail throughout. We especially love the custom designed kitchen with dramatic black cabinetry mixed with a white marble waterfall island, very luxe!

Readers, what are your thoughts, any details in this home that caught your eye? Please let us know in the comments below, we enjoy reading your feedback! 

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Photos: Derek Swalwell

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