Modern Living in Australia: East Malvern Residence

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East Malvern Residence is a classic brick Federation house updated for modern family living by LSA Architects, nestled in the wide leafy streets of Malvern, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The clients brief was to enhance open space and add light whilst paying homage to the original era of the home through the choice of classic lines and materials. Taking advantage of the grand Federation proportions LSA designed the new spaces to include elements of height and light whilst including many new amenities.

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The rear garden was maximized by the merging of indoor and outdoor zones with the use of large glass sliding doors, a discreet threshold and a consistent color palette. The outdoor space was subtlety demarcated to include practical areas for all members of the family. Internal sight lines were again an important consideration for the rear exterior and with the clever use of landscaping and a dark perimeter wall to emphasize depth. Architectural features were also used to enhance balance and privacy.

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The bedroom and formal living zones benefited from some floor plan changes to allow for greater flow and the addition of a dressing room and en-suite for the master bedroom. With the majority of the family time planned to be spent in the new rear living room it was important to accommodate for a growing family of five.

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The kitchen was designed around a large square island bench to allow for many members of the family to congregate. The sight line to the garden from the kitchen was considered by featuring staggered pendant lights over the island bench as opposed to the dining table with the added benefit of a kitchen focal point. The use of marble and wood paneling reference the original era of the home whilst offering a textural and luxurious element to the large space.

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The entire house blends seamlessly to create a harmonious and luxurious home with the emphasis on modern classic design.

Photos: John Wheatley from UA Creative

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