40+ Absolutely spectacular infinity edge pools

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Infinity edge pools are luxurious, visually captivating, and typically positioned to take advantage of a spectacular view, whether it be mountains, ocean or a forested landscape. We invite you to sit back, relax and take a journey with us through some incredibly designed pools that will take your breath away. These pools that we have featured are an extravagance, that if you are lucky enough to have one, would be fabulous to enjoy during the warm summer months… or if you live somewhere tropical, all year round! Typically designed in a backyard, infinity edge pools will cascade over an edge, generating a visual effect of water that has no boundaries. They emulate a beautiful waterfall, like you would see in nature, expect it is man-made, right in your own backyard. These pools can be very fun to swim in, especially if they are located on top of a high rise or nestled on a mountaintop. We have put together a vast collection of infinity edge pools for you to peruse through to see for yourself just how amazing they are. If you home has some spectacular views and you have not built a swimming pool yet, this type of pool would be perfect for you. Of course you could also just go on a holiday and enjoy a resort that offers such a pool and takes laps in luxury! Enjoy!

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This Vancouver, British Columbia pool not only features a captivating view, but you can take a refreshing swim, all the while listening to the soothing sounds of water as it flows from the adjacent sheer descent….who could possibly wish for more?

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The beautiful pool in the image above is located in the hot desert of Phoenix, Arizona, a true perimeter overflow. The wall spills over the five foot tall wet wall where there is a trough underneath the limestone.

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Located in Cancun, Mexico right on the beach, this pool appears to flow right into the ocean… take a dip and when you are done, you can simply jump into the sea!

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This luscious swimming pool in Austin, Texas features a hot tub, so you can enjoy the water on a warm or a chilly day, there is always an occasion to spend time outdoors! A fire pit in the middle adds a nice element to the mix.

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Infinity edge pools are at their best perched on a hillside overlooking an ocean, how stunning is this view?

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Have a look at more images of this British Columbia, Canada home tour here: West Vancouver Residence with spectacular ocean views.

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You can see more amazing images of this South Carolina home by taking a look here: Fabulous nature-inspired Tree House on Kiawah Island.

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In the backyard of this Connecticut home and down the hillside is an infinity pool allows for aquatic play during the warm summer months. The pool is set almost six feet below the house, designed purposefully so in order that it be out of view during the off-season.

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A Texas Hill Country farmhouse features an infinity edge with plenty of natural elements surrounding it… look to the image below for the bottom of this swimming pool.

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This is the follow up image to the image above, where you can see the waterfall effect over the infinity edge pool. This creates a beautiful water feature to see at the back of the property.

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Create a more natural aesthetic to your poolscape with the addition of rock or a waterfall. The infinity pool appears as if it is flowing into the pond below.

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This tropical resort style estate home is located in Kauai, featuring an outdoor oasis with an infinity pool that looks out over beautifully manicured lawns and a marsh.

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This lakeside retreat in Horseshoe Bay (image above) was designed for a family residing in Houston, Texas. Their wish was to have a pool that cascades into the lake below, which required it to be constructed on the second level of the home.

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In Mexico City, an infinity pool spills out onto the beach, creating a spectacular design. Curved seating around a fire pit adds to the aesthetic and amazing outdoor living space. We featured this home awhile back, have a look here: Tropical beach house retreat in Cabo San Lucas.

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Hanging Gardens is a luxury resort that features this amazing infinity pool high above the tree tops in Ubud, Bali.

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Infinity edge pools look mesmerizing when they drop off right in a forested landscape! This one features a bridge that crosses over the middle.

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This infinity pool looks very sculptural with its raised walls lined in red tile. A patio cantilevers over the pool to make the pluge in more accessible.

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A resort-style pool was designed for lap swimming, yet was designed with limited space so that it would not interfere with the magnificent views or create an eyesore from the beach below. To obscure the view of the pool from the beach, a garden bed was designed on the hillside below. Since the pool has a wet edge, this meant the designers did not have to install a view-blocking fence.

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Infinity edge pools show off their amazing aesthetics when the water cascades over a wall such as the curvaceous one featured above, decorated with tiles.

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A home designed in Antigua (pictured above) features a beautiful pool designed with Bisazza mosaic tiles that looks as if it spills right into the Caribbean Sea.

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This North Scottsdale, Arizona home was designed for a couple from Ohio who happened to fall in love with the beauty of this rugged mountainous oasis. We featured the rest of this home here: Striking contemporary home in the Arizona desert.

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In Shorthills, New Jersey you will find this spectacular free-form swimming pool with a vanishing edge… that spills over a six foot waterfall. The pool overlooks a heated spa, a built-in fire pit, spacious outdoor, custom designed kitchen and bar area, and large natural stone patios…. what an incredible outdoor space, don’t you think?

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Have a look through the rest of this spectacular home on the Gulf Islands near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, here: Prefabricated house of rusted steel on the Gulf Islands.

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And last, but not least… just what we have been telling you all along, infinity edge pools work best when their is a spectacular view involved… and this one is definitely all about the view!

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Eli Diaz
4 years ago

The Hanging Gardens resort pool in Bali is crazy! I must go there.

past tense
8 years ago

i’ve never been a big fan of pools, but with the increasing awareness of water scarcity, i have come to view them very unfavorably. i look at most of these pool photos and ask myself: what’s the point of this? most of these pools seem like little more than testaments to excess and waste. the “pool by the sea” in cancun is absolutely crazy.