19 Absolutely incredible natural swimming pool ideas

Similar to lakes and rivers, ecological swimming pools are made without chemistry, only with plants and natural materials. The principle of a biological swimming pool lies in its system maintenance and filtration that occurs through vegetation. In addition to being healthier and more ecological, they allow you to give a different design touch to the garden. The natural swimming pools are easy to integrate into any space since you can have a traditional appearance, depending on the style of the garden and the surrounding landscape. Eco swimming holes creates a romantic aura and cozy space, especially during summer evenings. Try adding LED lighting with lamps installed at different points, even disguised to continue with the ecological idea. To integrate sustainable pools naturally, the edges should differ completely form traditional swimming pools.

The maintenance of these pools requires less of an investment than traditional pools. The process is simplified with some minimal maintenance annually; you just have to deal with the filter, the plants, as well as the rest of the vegetation. You don’t need to change the water in the pond; it just needs to stay at a consistent level, the bottom of the pool requires cleaning and the plants need to be cut once a year. The biological swimming pool is a true ecosystem that is composed and divided into two parts: the bathing area and the vegetation. They have to have approximately equal surfaces so that the natural filtration can be effective. The area where the plants are is where the water is purified, carbonic gases are directly filtered and they oxygenate the water.

According to professional landscaper, Fernando Pozuelo, “A biological swimming pool is always near vegetation. From the aesthetic point of view, this is a big advantage, since it is integrated with the natural environment. The landscape is not obliged to create hard cement spaces, to separate the area intended for the bathroom from the rest of the garden, if not that can integrate both so they are the same, as it happens in nature”. Via

To make the filter better, a traditional pumping system is installed as a complement to the natural filtration of plants. A solar pumping system can be used for a more eco-friendly garden.

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Wow – great inspiration – we love these pools.