Open and airy renovation in Australia houses two generations

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A semi-detached contemporary home was given a complete overhaul including an addition to house two generations under one roof by architects Taylor Knights, located in St Kilda East, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The goal of this residential project was to allow for a perfect balance between private spaces and areas where the family could come together and interact. The original double brick structure was built in the 1920s as a duplex with small windows coupled with low ceilings and a footprint of small, closed off rooms. This poorly functioning design disabled proper light and air circulation flow throughout the home. The design team decided to keep the existing exterior facade in the front of the property intact, while re-working the interior layout and demolishing the rear of the structure to create a completely new design. In it’s place, a beautiful two-story addition that is open and airy, with a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. With 2,475 square feet (230 square meters) to work with, the heart of the home now features the communal spaces and helps create a delineation of the two private zones. Above the kitchen is a double height void, where natural light comes pouring in through skylights.

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The architects had a modest budget to work with, so they had to find ingenious ways to incorporate materials and building products into the home so they would be cohesive yet budget-minded. Some of these creative endeavors included a pegboard wall in the stairwell, while off-the-shelf skylights are integrated into the ceiling above. Custom furnishings such as built-in cabinetry, side tables and even a dining table were designed with brass detailing and color to fit with the design scheme of the home. The architects completed the aesthetic with staggered brickwork to attract natural light and hand polished raw steel, creating a truly unique yet timeless appeal for the inhabitants of this shared family home.

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What We Love: The preservation details such as the bay window at the front of the home and beautiful brickwork, and at the rear of the property you have an entirely new aesthetic. A double volume contemporary elevation with folding glass doors that completely opens the home up to the outdoors. Love it! How about you, what are your thoughts on this shared family home? Do you think you could live here with your parents or adult children?

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Photos: Fraser Marsden

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