An innovative cave dwelling in Milan

The Cave House is an apartment that has been transformed into an organic grotto, with massive walls and free circulation of energetic and continuous movement designed by Tiziana Serretta in Milan, Italy. Serretta is a Jane-of-all-trade whose creativity has spanned from art and fashion through to design. Her new conception, ArTS is in the groove of interior design and the research of unexplored concepts and new extraordinary materials. Using artists and craftsmen, her concept utilizes the theme of mobility and weightlessness, a structure that is easily moved with very low masonry costs where the designed volume can easily be dismantled and shipped away. Their first project is this 2,457 square foot (230 square meters) apartment, where the only closed area in the home is the restrooms.

The furnishings and custom made walls consist of a mixture of chalk covered in resin, cement powder, chromatic pigments and non-hazardous plastics. The state of the art, fully equipped kitchen is made out of practical steel. The ceiling has been brought back to the original cement, demolishing every single added layer. The pavement that integrates the full spacial expansion is made of pale resin mixed personally by Mrs. Serretta to volcanic sand, gold dust and mother of pearl powder. The majestic seventies bronzed steel fireplace dominates the living area defined by a modular round-shaped sofa covered with fur with an under-illuminated platform. The libraries’ surfaces have been molded with Japanese paper to enhance the variable lightness. The extremely abstract shelter is truly a work of futuristic art. Via

Photos: © Massimo Listri

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28 days ago

Couldn’t agree more.

7 years ago

totally in agreement

Name Withheld
11 years ago

It’s hard to criticize something as cool as a cave home, but this seems to combine every ugly design element known to humanity. It has ugly shades of white, ugly shades of gray, ugly furniture, ugly clothing, ugly concrete-looking ceilings, ugly metallic sheets on the walls. I guess at least it’s consistent. This is probably a paradise for someone with really bad taste.

7 years ago
Reply to  Name Withheld

totally in agreement