Cozy 45 square meters apartment displays ingenious design solutions

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An interior design and renovation project of a small modern apartment in Madrid, Spain was commissioned by two design professionals that saw its great potential. Comprised of just 484 square feet (45 square meters), the apartment was transformed into a cozy and bright space. Those responsible for the design is Ana Bolaños, technical architect and manager of the design and construction company MAOS and Miguel Angel Naranjo, a collaborating architect.

After studying and defining the spaces, the design team made infographies to visualize materials and finishes. This enabled them to get rough idea of the finished result. This is at least what they thought, because when the work actually began, the project took an unexpected turn. When tearing down partitions and false ceilings, they discovered discovered they had an additional 13 feet to work with. This made them rethink the whole floor distribution, working with the extra volume.

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The small apartment encompasses an integrated living room, dining room and kitchen; a bedroom, a bathroom and a patio. In addition, a loft was constructed that could be used to locate a second room. Being an apartment of small dimensions, the needs were very clear: open spaces, simple lines, neutral colors and warm touches to avoid an excess of coldness.

The sensation of visual continuity was achieved through the white color, present not only in the walls, but also in furniture and upholstery, and through the vinyl floor that covers the entire home.

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What We Love: A lucky and unexpected find multiplied the possibilities of converting a small apartment into a modern house, with comfortable and relaxed atmospheres. By increasing the ceiling height, the designers were able to achieve a whole extra loft space. This makes a big difference to those living in a refined space, it makes it feel more spacious and allows for added room. Keeping a light color palette also helps to make this space feel bright and airy.

Readers, what are your thoughts on this apartment transformation, do you think the designers did a good job of maximizing space? Please let us know in the comments below!

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The kitchen needed to be integrated so that is would go unnoticed from the living room. To achieve this, the design team followed the same decorative criteria (style and color range) in both environments. Paneling the appliances in the same finish as the furniture was one solution, so that they do not break the uniformity of the environment.

Another design solution is to use integrable models. These would be completely hidden behind a door of the same design as that of the cabinets. Same space, same materials. Walls and floors can also help you to unify the environments.

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