48 Most Fabulous Swimming Pools Featured on One Kindesign

On the edge of the sea, urban or country landscape, swimming pools represent relaxation, a tribute to the landscape and, above all, a luxury for the senses. Here is a fabulous collection of some our favorite swimming holes that we have come across recently. There are so many creative and visually stunning swimming pools out there that we decided to showcase them collectively in one article.

There are various designs, from simple rectangular pools to more complex ones, featuring delightful patio arrangements, fountains and so on. Most of them were built so they would be opened towards extraordinary landscapes, transforming a common swimming hole into an unforgettable experience.

Most of the designs in the photos feature lovely furniture decorations, exciting areas that seem perfect for entertaining guests, as well as for relaxing with family and friends afterwards. Pebbles, stone, incredible furniture arrangements, cozy pillows, amazing flower pots and candles seem to be a real trend these days when setting up the perfect pool. A wonderful atmosphere can also be created with the help of dim lighting effects.

The pictures below feature a variety of shapes, in order to make things as inspiring as possible, so enjoy each and every photo and don’t forget to leave a comment as to which one best matches your tastes and why?

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Gloria Larravide
8 years ago

I have such a hard time ‘liking’ any floors in bathrooms or near water sources (pools) that are slick when wet. (i.e. marble, granite, etc…) I prefer something rough and easy to ‘grip’ than a slippery surface.

Wow! These are very great swimming pools. Can you tell me what the name of these places?