Delightfully stylish one-bedroom apartment in Stockholm

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This newly renovated dream apartment offers a raw industrial feel layered with warm brass fittings, located in Hägersten, an urban district of Stockholm, Sweden. Entrance into the home features black painted terra-cotta floors and whitewashed walls. Plenty of functional storage allows for places to store shoes, jackets, purses and other items. Enlarged openings to the kitchen and living room helps to create an airy feel. The kitchen offers darkly stained custom designed cabinetry with brass fittings. There is plenty of storage options from floor to ceiling and open shelves against an exposed brick wall. Two large windows floods the space with natural light and a dining table offers space for seating up to four people. In the living room, dark oak flooring provides a stark contrast against whitewashed walls. Cozy furnishings offers the homeowner a wonderful space to relax and unwind. Industrial light fixtures throughout the interiors offers ambient lighting and stylish aesthetics.

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With just one bedroom in this small apartment, an industrial glass wall helps to divide the space from the living room. This helps to keep the bedroom light and airy while still allowing the space its own privacy. Dark wood flooring continues from the living room, with painted white walls and a unique hand-painted background wall. A window provides views out to a lush courtyard below. A bathroom is stylishly fitted with bright tiled floors and white tiled walls.

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What We Love: This stylish apartment is small and compact yet offers plenty of functional storage and a fantastic floor plan. Spaces are designed to be open and airy with light whitewashed walls and minimal furnishings to keep clutter at bay. The factory glass wall that partly closes off the bedroom from the rest of the home adds a nice aesthetic touch to the space. Readers, what are your thoughts, do you find this small apartment to be charming or too small for your tastes?

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Photos: Erik Olsson

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