Fella Villas offers travelers an exotic tropical retreat in Bali

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How heavenly does this little slice of paradise in Bali, Indonesia look? Called “Fella Villas”, this home is a vacation rental located in the Canggu area and conveniently located within minutes of several amazing beaches. The villa is concealed by a long driveway in the middle of rice fields. A blue surfboard sign marks the entrance to the villa, a signal that relaxation and fun are just ahead! The creators of this villas are the founders of the iconic Australian swimwear brand F E L L A, which is inspired by travel and art. The description on the website says it best, “a thoughtfully designed modern villa influenced by Mexico and the exotic East. We have collaborated with our favourite artists, photographers and homewares to bring this beautifully three bedroom, three bathroom villa to life.” There are two spacious main bedrooms that both feature outdoor bathrooms… just imagine showering with nature, sounds great to us! These rooms are connected to a living room brimming with artwork, while bi-folding doors can be left closed or fully extended open to create a seamless connection with the outdoor balcony.

If you are interested in staying in this beautiful little slice of balinese paradise, have a look at Airbnb for some great rates, around $250/night.

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The third bedroom that is available in this villa is a private oasis onto itself. It has a Japanese aesthetic, featuring doors that extend open to reveal a koi fish pond shaded by a large frangipani tree. The main living spaces are illuminated with natural light, offering an open plan kitchen with a sunken lounge that opens out to the swimming pool and a stunning Mexican garden. This modern villa is simplistic in design, yet offers so many possibilities to keep you feeling relaxed and in vacation mode.

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What We Love: This heavenly tropical retreat offers travelers an opportunity to experience a luxurious stay in Bali at an affordable price. Located in an ideal location not far from the beaches, this is one vacation spot that is hot on our list! We love the tantalizing swimming pool… and the koi pond off one of the bedrooms is fantastic, very Zen feeling. What are your thoughts, would you stay here for a vacation?

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Photos: Courtesy of Fella Villas

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