Loft attic in Mallorca displaying a fresh and modern update

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A beautifully renovated attic loft by architect Christine Leja reveals a fresh and contemporary transformation in which interior and exterior live in perfect peace and harmony. The building is ideally located in the heart of Santa Catalina, a bohemian fisherman’s village in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, offering stunning views over the city and harbor which inspired the project. The architect carefully restored the home, removing small rooms and hallways that blocked off natural light. The new personality of the house was achieved thanks to a new spatial layout and a global atmosphere that elegantly connects the interior with the exterior.

The makeover of this property was based on white walls to help bring luminosity into the spaces, black wrought iron windows, clean lines and a loft style atmosphere. A spacious living room is open to the kitchen with a wall of whitewashed brick and a centrally located island, and the dining room, dominated by a large table. Additionally, a large glass door connects the space with one of the terraces, accentuating the feeling of spaciousness and continuity. It retains the same style as the interior and has become a privileged place from which to enjoy the Mediterranean sun and the spectacular Balearic landscape.

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For furniture and decoration, pieces were carefully selected in white, black, gray and wood tones with splashes of color that bring vitality to the environment. The furnishings throughout the attic loft seem to perfectly fit the design. Vintage and exotic touches from Indian can be seen in the tables, while dinnerware was acquired from Morocco.

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What We Love: This converted old home is brimming with life and personality, a goal the architect set out to achieve and was very successful at fulfilling. Natural light floods the interiors, reflecting off the white walls and creating a vivacious home that will be a joy to live in for years to come. What do you think of this attic loft renovation, do you like the finished result?

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Photos: Mi Casa

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