Striking East Hampton property engages with its surroundings

East Hampton Residence-Julia Roth Design-01-1 Kindesign

This spectacular luxury property has been designed by Julia Roth Design in collaboration with Barnes Coy Architects, located in East Hampton, New York. Material elements of stone, glass, steel and wood characterize this stunningly modern home that offers unparalleled views out to the ocean. Walls of floor to ceiling glass helps to capture these mesmerizing views on the ocean side, while on the back of the property, an expansive swimming pool also offers the homeowners water views of a different nature. With the design teams creation, they sought to accentuate the engagement of the house with its natural surroundings. The open, airy interior takes on an extra dimension from the reflection of the outdoor light from the outdoor swimming pool. The interior decor offers unique and stylish furnishings that are lavish yet warm and welcoming. Take a look at another luxury property tour that we featured in Bridgehampton that was conceived by the talented design team from Julia Roth Design.

East Hampton Residence-Julia Roth Design-02-1 Kindesign

What We Love: Sumptuous interiors that offer clean lines and stylish furnishings and decor that is visually stunning. This is one spectacular home and its location is not too shabby either! We have some serious house envy for this one…how about you?

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East Hampton Residence-Julia Roth Design-03-1 Kindesign

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Inside the two-story structure you will find soaring ceilings and bright and airy spaces thanks to large expanses of glass, white walls and light stained wood flooring throughout the main living spaces.

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-07-1-Kindesign

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-08-1-Kindesign

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-09-1-Kindesign

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-10-1-Kindesign

This stunning living room frames captivating views of the ocean, while walls of glass panels folds away to create a seamless transition between indoors and out. Modern furnishings are sleek yet comfortable, while an accent wall clad with wood frames a stainless steel fireplace.

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-11-1-Kindesign

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East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-17-1-Kindesign

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East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-19-1-Kindesign

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-20-1-Kindesign

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-21-1-Kindesign

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-22-1-Kindesign

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-23-1-Kindesign

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-24-1-Kindesign

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-25-1-Kindesign

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-26-1-Kindesign

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-27-1-Kindesign

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-28-1-Kindesign

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-29-1-Kindesign

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-30-1-Kindesign

East Hampton Residence-Julia-Roth-Design-31-1-Kindesign

Photos: Courtesy of Julia Roth Design

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