Victorian school converted to playful home with upcycled treasures

Converted Victorian School-Avocado Sweets Design Studio-01-1 Kindesign

A Victorian school house has been converted into an eclectic musician’s apartment by Avocado Sweets Design Studio, located in the Stoke Newington area of north London, England, United Kingdom. The home features creative tail0r-made details throughout, brimming with personality and a laid-back, urban aesthetic. Originally there were two large living rooms, a small kitchen and two mezzanine bedrooms that are exposed to noise and light coming from the main level. The home had an impractical layout for the homeowner’s who requested a family friendly atmosphere for their soon to be arriving baby. They also wanted to have a decor scheme that is original to reflect their unique style, which is eclectic and a little funky. The interiors feature their collection of vintage pieces mixed with industrial elements, colorful light fixtures, fabrics and wall coverings. The space was completely re-configured to accommodate a spacious open plan kitchen and living room downstairs and three bedrooms upstairs that are closed off for privacy.

On the designer’s website it states that their quirky apartment design won in the ‘intelligent design’ category of the Society of British and International Design (SBID) awards in 2014!

Converted Victorian School-Avocado Sweets Design Studio-02-1 Kindesign

Look around and you will notice vintage pieces, upcycled furnishings and quirky touches such as the light fixtures above the kitchen island. The designer purchased colorful melamine colanders (they were painted) and contracted an electrician to wire them to be functional pendant lights. Since the homeowners love to cook, this further help to express their personalities and bring a playful touch to their home. The island is an old chest the homeowners were going to dispose of, instead it was re-purposed and fitted with a countertop. The exposed brick is original to the home.

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Interesting Fact: This apartment was once the headmaster’s office and part of the hall, now transformed into a spacious, open plan layout.

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What We Love: This home may not be everyone’s taste, but it sure is chalk full of fun, color, creative inspiration and a delight to look at if nothing else! We love the original ideas, the upcycling of furniture and the creative ways the designer showcased the homeowner’s collections, giving a unique personality to this space that seems like it would enhance daily living! What do you think, do you feel inspired?

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In the image above, vintage wallpaper sourced from eBay serves as a colorful backdrop to the homeowner’s collection of antique radios.

Converted Victorian School-Avocado Sweets Design Studio-08-1 Kindesign

The flooring throughout the interiors is engineered oak. The wall features an interesting display of a collection of ties as well as an upcycled traffic light. The ties are hung on a dowel and hooks and the homeowner takes one off when he is going to wear it for the day—part functional storage, part visual art display! The light fixtures above the dining table are typically seen in commercial properties, but the designers thought, why not? Strung from the ceiling at varying heights, the lights are made from low-energy Plumen bulbs.

Converted Victorian School-Avocado Sweets Design Studio-09-1 Kindesign

Converted Victorian School-Avocado Sweets Design Studio-10-1 Kindesign

More playful details in this home includes the colorful wallcovering adjacent to the staircase, sourced from Osborne and Little.

Converted Victorian School-Avocado Sweets Design Studio-11-1 Kindesign

The entryway hall is covered with pages from vintage magazines that the homeowner’s have collected over the years. Interestingly they date back to World War II, adding a sepia tone that adds a nice aesthetic to the space.

Photos: Fisher Hart

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