Apartment in Madrid gets transformed with modern design ideas

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This renovated old apartment is chalk full of modern design ideas and a layout designed for entertaining friends and living in a relaxed environment full of natural light, located in Madrid, Spain. Upon entrance into this home, you will notice a warm and cozy atmosphere thanks to its stylish reform. Comprised of 990 square feet (92 square meters), the apartment was decorated by its owner, Ikea interior designer Libertad Díaz. The layout of the interiors was re-distributed to create a better flow and the materials selection was carefully chosen for visual appeal and longevity. The new layout features a spacious open floor plan that encompasses a living area, kitchen and dining room, illuminated by natural light. This space was designed to enjoy and create memories with family and friends.

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The materials themselves defines the function of each area within the common area, combining natural wood tile and white walls, except for the kitchen which has a black accent wall and white subway tile backsplash. One of the walls in the dining area features exposed brick that has been recovered. An eclectic decor is revealed through a mix of antiques and modern finishes. The color palette is based on light hues: white, tan and cream colors, making bright, comfortable spaces.

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What We Love: Playful, inviting interiors and the exposed brick wall in the dining area really helps to break up the monotony of white walls. Although small, the layout helps to make this home feels spacious and not to mention cozy!

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The bedroom is filled with natural light from windows that overlook a courtyard.

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The bathroom is predominantly white with a retro air.

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Photos: Mi Casa

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