Charming and eclectic apartment in Madrid

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This eclectic apartment spotted on Mi Casa, is chalk full of native decoration with a very youthful and dynamic style, centrally located in the heart of Madrid, Spain. Owned by a young modern couple, the home has been decorated with a rich mix of textures between the exposed brick on the walls to the wooden flooring and area rugs dispersed around to delineate spaces. Attention to detail has been carefully observed, with decorative accessories and personal items scattered throughout, adding character to this small apartment. The couple’s lifestyle made them long for a living environment that would be perfect for entertaining family and friends. A simple renovation made this possible, with an open plan kitchen and living room, as well an eclectic dining room and full work area. Two large windows decorated with almost transparent window treatments promotes integration with the outdoors and diffuses natural light into the space. The private areas of the home are situated at the opposing end of the home, with access to a courtyard that provides light with noise. The bedroom is a soothing and quite atmosphere to relax and unwind after a long day, decorated with a white base and warm touches of wood and colorful details that bring in depth of color.

This house is currently available for rent from here.

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