Inspiring apartment invaded by color in Madrid

El Retiro Park House-01-1 Kind Design

This unique apartment, spotted on Mi Casa, is located just steps from El Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain occupies a building floor with a basement, an example of balance between history and modernity. This brilliant rehabilitation and new uses of space was the result of the work of two teams of architects, Quam Architecture and Porras & La Casta Architects. The rehabilitation of this house meant a major challenge: respecting the architectural characteristics of the building without losing sight of modernity in its wider concept.

Distribution, functionality and decorative change were necessary. A drastic transformation, since reforms were not undertaken in forty years, the basement of the building had originally been a warehouse. The building was built in the early 20th century with the typology of that era, walls of solid bricks and granite blocks. The homeowners, who worked closely with the architects, wanted a reform that retained the original essence, highlighting structural jewels – baseboards, doors, domes and arches of brick – and restoring the woodwork and shutters.

The interiors were carried out by the company Embroes, which got a comfortable and upbeat reform, peppered with unique details. The living room, dining and kitchen, as well as the basement, where the bedrooms are situated, displays decor that responds to the mixture of current tradition with the past.

El Retiro Park House-02-1 Kind Design

On the floor, a glass skylight illuminates part of the basement of the home.

El Retiro Park House-03-1 Kind Design

El Retiro Park House-04-1 Kind Design

El Retiro Park House-05-1 Kind Design

El Retiro Park House-06-1 Kind Design

El Retiro Park House-07-1 Kind Design

El Retiro Park House-08-1 Kind Design

El Retiro Park House-09-1 Kind Design

El Retiro Park House-10-1 Kind Design

El Retiro Park House-11-1 Kind Design

El Retiro Park House-12-1 Kind Design

El Retiro Park House-13-1 Kind Design

El Retiro Park House-14-1 Kind Design

El Retiro Park House-15-1 Kind Design

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