Romanesque Revival row house gets modern update in Brooklyn

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A full gut renovation of a four story Romanesque Revival row house was carried out by CWB Architects, located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York. The original 4,200 square foot property was once a single-family home and then underwent constructed to be a multi-family residence. The new homeowner decided to restore the structure back to its former footprint. Dubbed the “Lighthouse”, the home underwent a two year transformation. The existing details of the parlor level were in pretty good shape, so part of it was salvaged and restored to a combination living and dining area. The remainder of the five-bedroom residence received a modern update. According to the architects, “an existing extension was replaced with a new, full-width extension providing a half-level between parlor and garden floors. This “split-level” zone with large floor to ceiling windows provides a direct connection from the kitchen to the garden, as well as between the kitchen and family room below.”

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Dinesen Douglas fir wide-plank flooring can be seen throughout the majority of the interiors. All cabinetry throughout the home has been custom designed. Interior designer Tamara Eaton worked with the clients to select art, hardware and wall coverings throughout the interiors, as well as design custom furniture pieces. The home also boasts 880 square feet of exterior living space.

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The modern kitchen boasts a wall of white subway tile, countertops of honed Carrara marble, a custom designed hand-forged brass hood as a focal point and a Lacanche stove.

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The beautiful kitchen area features an antique hutch that was purchased by the owner and designed to fit within a paneled wall that conceals a refrigerator and pantry cabinets on either side.

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One of the bedrooms offers a cozy alcove featuring a luxurious claw-foot tub, illuminated by a bank of windows that opens to a terrace overlooking the gardens in the backyard.

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The master suite includes this cozy sitting room area that features a sunlit bay window and wood-burning fireplace. A small nook offers a bookcase and study.

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Waterworks fixtures and Ann Sacks tiles decorates this lavish en-suite master bathroom. Additional features includes heated floors, a double-height shower illuminated by a skylight and a water closet.

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A hallway space is used as a comfortable space to curl up with a book. It is also a great space for children to play with toys and where adults can simultaneously lounge.

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There is a separate entrance to a guest apartment off the garden, which houses a solarium, sitting area, kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom. The basement level offers a spacious storage area, a workout area and a custom dog kennel.

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Photos: Francis Dzikowski / ESTO

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5 years ago

It seems that the floor plan doesn’t actually align with the photos.