Spice holders defined by modern sophistication: U-Spice


Another innovative product by IntoConcrete, U-Spice brings a timeless appeal to their distinctive line of tableware, created by award-winning designer Mikaela Dörfel. Tastefully elegant and very modern, U-Spice is not like traditional spice holders that are meant to hide in the kitchen, instead they were designed to take center stage at the dining room table. This sophisticated collection encompasses pouring and spreading spice bowls as well as a combination spoon and mortar resting on an stylish concrete tray. Sitting on your dining room table, U-Spice will not only looks luxurious to your guests, it will allow them to to savor distinguishing flavors with perfectly portioned spices. Demonstrating clean lines and unassuming elegance, the creator of U-Spice made the product exclusively for IntoConcrete. Creator Mikaela Dörfel is of Finnish descent, but is now based in Germany where she currently resides and operates her studio. Surrounded by a natural landscape of ponds and meadows, her designs are inspired by Scandinavia, nature and water movements.

U-Spice is available to be purchased on IntoConcrete’s website, listed at $99.


When designing this unique spice holders, Dörfel selected simple shapes and lasting, quality materials of concrete and porcelain. Her design of shapes and materials is quite unique and very functional. As states IntoConcrete about their product, “Once you experience the beauty and simplicity of U-Spice, it will be certain to add a dash of modern personality to your table for years to come.” Our take, this is one classy product that would be perfect for your formal dinner party, and would be sure to impress your guests! This would also make an excellent wedding gift that newlyweds would be sure to love. Or, this would make an exquisite gift to treat yourself or those your love…Christmas is just around the corner!

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 IntoConcrete is based in Chicago, showcasing modern design and supreme craftsmanship when it comes to working with concrete. An art, design and innovation design studio, the company seeks to present concrete as a captivating material that can be formed into just about anything, culminating into stunning, ground-breaking and timeless designs.


This post has been sponsored by IntoConcrete.
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