Renovated home with charming rustic interiors in Girona, Spain

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This rustic home has undergone a brilliant rehabilitation by architect Glòria Duran Torrellas, located in Pals, a picturesque village in the Catalonian province of Girona, Spain. The home dates back to the 1900’s, but has currently been updated with a modern look after being thoroughly renovated and given a contemporary interior design. The architect underwent the project with a combined respect for the original structure and natural materials with sustainability criteria and comfort. Old windows were replaced with double glazing, LED lighting was installed and solar panels were used to produce hot water in the house. The architect also preserved the original details of the natural stone facade and the stone walls in the interior, along with the wooden ceiling beams. On the outside, the yard was transformed into a beautiful garden with a pool, with direct access from the public areas. The living area was reorganized to connect the living area with the kitchen and direct access to the garden. The living room floor with updated with a new parquet flooring and the wood ceiling beams were painted in a crisp white to enhance light. In the kitchen, visual interest was preserved with a vaulted ceiling, which houses modern and functional equipment. The bedrooms on the upper floor feature preserved tile flooring that exudes charm and offers busts of color and personality.

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In terms of decor, white and wood furnishings are dominant, but also the fusion of past and present, with a balanced blend of rustic styles and design. The master bedroom suite is a great example, with preserved details mixed with current solutions with built-ins and an updated bathroom. What do you think of this renovation project?

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Photos: Mi Casa

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