Beautifully restored refuge in Costa Brava

Near the beautiful town of L’Escala in Costa Brava, Spain is this gorgeous property spotted on Mi Casa, whose original 19th century construction was restored by architect Gloria Duran Torrellas. The distribution and the original state raised challenges that were overcome thanks to the commitment to respect the existing structure, by the recovery of materials such as stone, old ceramic floors, walls and ceilings with wooden beams. The home is distributed over three well-lit floors; each one of them opens to an outdoor space. The sharp contrast between original materials, rustic and modern furnishings with a nearly complete predominance of white color as a means of integration and reflection of clarity is spectacular.

To create a feeling of spaciousness in the home, the interiors were painted white and with the presence of some, rather few, open walls with the exception of the more private areas of the house. On the first floor, one of these walls hides a guest bedroom, while on the ground floor, the kitchen serves as a separation between the living room, pantry and a coquettish toilet. The top floor hosts a magnificent bedroom of incredible vistas, with a wall in place of the headboard behind which is a full dressing room and two twin and separate bathrooms.

The end result of the project with the original elements is a surprising richness, in particular, for its balanced rustic content and design in almost equal parts and the relaxing atmosphere achieved after the change.

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