Ingenious design update to a Brooklyn Heights loft conversion

Brooklyn Heights Loft-Ensemble Architecture-01-1 Kindesign

The top two levels of a YMCA building were converted into a luminous and airy loft by Ensemble Architecture, located in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood of New York City. The structure had been converted into apartments in the early 1980’s, so the loft had not been updated since then. The scope of this project was to re-design the home to cater to an extensive collection of books and art in a way that would be aesthetically pleasing. The homeowners also love to entertain, so they needed an amazing dining area for dinner parties and seating arrangements to invite conversation. Dropped ceilings were removed throughout the interiors to create expansive spaces where they had originally felt small and restricted. In the open plan living and dining area, a wall of windows was covered and adjustable bookshelves were installed to showcase a variety of colorful books. Built-in window seats cover unsightly radiators and highlights the grand scale of the wall. The original staircase was re-imagined to create an eye-catching and sculptural grand entryway. Beneath the staircase, painted wall hooks were installed to effortlessly store coats on your way into the welcoming home. There is also beautiful powder room at the entryway, which was updated with a salvaged door, vintage wallpaper and a vintage chandelier. The kitchen was also renovated to become a more bright and open area, while a walk-in pantry was also created out of a small space discovered behind some pipes.

Brooklyn Heights Loft-Ensemble Architecture-02-1 Kindesign

What’s not to love about this amazing home full of books and art? The ladder is pretty fantastic as well, perfect for the book lover! Light-filled and extremely cozy, this would be a great space to spend a lazy weekend enjoying a good read and a hot drink! What do you think, are in love with this book lovers paradise?

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Photos: Courtesy of Ensemble Architecture

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