Abandoned 250-year-old stone farmhouse revival in France

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A derelict 250-year-old stone farmhouse has been transformed by a couple who gets enjoyment out of fixing up abandoned spaces, located in the Gers region of southwest France. No one had lived in this home, which includes a few outbuildings on the property, for 50 years prior to the homeowners purchasing it in 1998 for $125,000. Now, 16 years later, the home is now complete, after spending an additional $400,000 in improvements to the interior and exteriors of the home. Historically, the home was preserved as much as possible. The owners lived in Paris during the restoration process, as two professionals, they visited the property as time allowed. The home is surrounded by a beautiful landscape, including mature olive and fig trees; the outskirts is all farmland. When friends and family come to visit, the homeowners move into what they term “the pigeon house”, which is a simple three-story tower on the property.

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The above image is the three-story tower which the homeowners have aptly named the “pigeon house.” A guest home on the property which has a brand new swimming pool gracing the front of it.

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The tiles on the kitchen flooring are original to the home. A steel and concrete dining table was crafted by a friend of the family.

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This makeshift bookshelf was creatively put together by the homeowner.

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The master bedroom features an antique sofa passed down from the homeowner’s grandmother, with a history of traveling with her from Hungary to Canada during WWII.

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The kitchen is a stunning mix of old and new, crafted with just enough space for one of the owner’s who loves to cook. The tile backsplash was picked up from Tunisia.

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The ground floor of the tower features a beautiful antique bathtub, a colorful Tunisian area rug and a pretty pendant light fixture the couple picked up from a bazaar in Turkey.

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The homeowner’s enjoy their lunches under this magnolia tree, offering panoramic vistas.

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Photos: NY Times

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