Chic summer retreat on the Formentera countryside

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Can Eu is the private stylishly designed home of model Eugenia Silva, blending perfectly into the surrounding countryside of the village of La Mola, Formentera. The model called on the help of her architect friend Luis Galliussi to help design her vacation retreat. The house was designed from the classical architecture of its locale, comprised of square shapes that follow each other in harmony. The home is surrounded by gardens filled with Mediterranean plants that emphasizes the feeling of peace and tranquility, beckoning its inhabitants to stay awhile. The outdoor areas are very spacious and enjoyable, on the back property is a private pool surrounded by a charming relaxation area that is in typical island style. The spaces are very chic, with cozy cushions placed directly on the wall and a lovely pergola offers shade for enjoyable dining el fresco. The table and chairs are rustic and unpretentious, perfectly integrated into its environment. An additional outdoor living space under a pergola further adds comfort and enjoyability to the home, with comfortable seating. A wide sliding door leads directly into the living environment creating a bright and airy space thanks to the opening of the same size and a mirror on the adjacent wall.

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The interior is furnished with wonderful taste and an authentic atmosphere and views to the beautiful outdoor environment. Artifacts and works of local artists are interspersed with bold colors as opposed to the more muted tones of the walls and ceilings as well as the bleached wooden beams. The use of natural materials gives the home its charm, along with natural ventilation ensures comfortable interior temperatures. The spacious living room is the focal point of the property, with a functional kitchen and three guest rooms with a beautiful master bedroom with direct access onto a charming patio. Two of the bedrooms are next to the master, equipped with their own bathrooms. The other bedrooms is independent of the others, assessable only by an outside staircase. Can Eu is the perfect summer retreat for those looking for peace and tranquility with an authentic and refined architectural style that blends with its environment.

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Photos: Casa AD

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glenda LaFont
5 years ago

I love this place, everything about it. Yes, I could live there.