Fascinating Arts District loft in LA mixing DIY and vintage

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Brimming with character, this Arts District loft in Los Angeles, California is the home of Scott Jarrell and Kristan Cunningham, owners of Hammer + Spear. Showcasing an aesthetic of a well collected showroom, this 3,500 square foot industrial loft is in the same neighborhood as their shop. The home is a stylish mix of clever DIY solutions and collected vintage pieces. infusing the space with personality. The homeowners have taken up residence in this space for the past four years, describing their design style as “dark and moody, cozy and tucked in.” They wanted their interiors to feel like fall and winter throughout the year, injecting the home with warmth. The couple both have a very masculine aesthetic, which makes design selections easy to collectively agree upon. The loft showcases an eclectic mix of scoured antique shop finds and Craigslist scores mixed with some designer pieces to create a collected aesthetic that is visually pleasing and inviting. If you have watched HGTV’s Design on a Dime, you may recognize Kristan as a past designer and host of the popular show for ten seasons. She got her start at just twenty years old, beginning with an appearance on HGTV’s Designer’s Challenge.

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Do you think the homeowner’s have a unique design style? Let us know your thoughts on this feature, in the comments section below. Love the look of lofts? We have presented plenty here on 1 Kindesign, have a look at some popular ones from the past: Three-story West Loop Loft renovation in Chicago and Incredible industrial style loft apartment in NoHo.

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Warm and welcoming, an antique wine-tasting table is the anchor to the loft’s entryway. The table plays double duty as not only an accent piece but as a card games table, brainstorming space, and a place to sip on wine.

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Against a dramatic backdrop of high windows and white brick walls, the loft showcases beautiful details at every turn and furnishings that evokes a feeling that is both well worn and luxe.

Arts District Loft-Los Angeles-35-1 Kindesign

A leather poof sits under a mid-century coffee table. delineating the space is a Beni Ourain-style rug.

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The dining room features a 1970s mahogany table that was refinished in an ebony paint, surrounded by rich vintage leather chairs by Mariani.

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The Brunswick billiards table is the social hub of the home. The lighting above was originally a vintage Model T luggage rack turned light fixture, designed by Brothers of Industry

Arts District Loft-Los Angeles-08-1 Kindesign

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The sconce pictured above was an eBay purchase. The flickering bulb is inspired by gas lanterns, creating a warm glow throughout the loft. Every bulb within the loft is 25 watts and set on a dimmer switch.

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A cozy furniture arrangement separates this space from the rest of the home, making it a snuggly den. The couple watches movies on the velvety soft sofa and curl up with a fur throw.

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The homeowners have an extensive record collection that gets used both morning and evening. Antique fencing helmets can also be see in the eclectic mix of the image above.

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Picked up from a local junk shop, a pair of brass stag end tables with a glass top creates the illusion that the books are hovering on the animals noses.

Arts District Loft-Los Angeles-14-1 Kindesign

The couple’s four-year-old bichon frise-poodle mix, Bean, poses adorably for the camera.

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This simple white IKEA kitchen has been dressed up with stylish features such as leather drawer pulls, DIY shelving, and contrasting baseboards.

Arts District Loft-Los Angeles-26-1 Kindesign

Arts District Loft-Los Angeles-27-1 Kindesign

The light flooded kitchen showcases an assortment of warm metals, which includes rustic copper piping and tableware. Shelving stores glasswares and accessories, putting the couple’s unique finds on display. Butcher block countertops helps to infuse natural texture into the space.

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The clothing racks were designed by the homeowner’s from utilitarian gas-pipe parts picked up from The Home Depot.

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Photos: Apartment Therapy & Lonny

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