Incredible industrial style loft apartment in NoHo

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This incredible two storey industrial style loft apartment is situated in New York’s NoHo district, designed by Wettling Architects. The owner is Bradley Darryl Wong, who is best known for his role as Dr. George Huang in the TV series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. His 12-year-old son lives with him on weekends. The bedroom with en-suite and dressing room and a laundry room are at basement level. On the ground floor, there is a large living space, kitchen, guest bedroom/office, and another bedroom and bathroom. It was important for the homeowner to show the history of the former commercial building, so plaster was removed to reveal brick walls and the air-conditioning pipes were exposed.

The architect added a wall of windows and a massive steel skylight to replace the original wooden one and brighten the back of the buildings. Layers of plaster were chipped away to reveal vaulted brick ceilings. Then reclaimed wooden flooring and salvaged pieces were brought in, including a pair of century-old bronze doors for the entrance. Complementing the polished wood and warm brick are walls painted in rich green and purple, with furnishings in acid yellow and fuchsia. The downstairs space is oxblood red to match a lacquered box that belonged to the homeowner’s grandfather.

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The stainless-steel kitchen is a mix of existing units and new cabinetry. Bright-shaped tiles echo the original exposed brick in the rest of the apartment and contrast with the cool steel units.

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The view down the wide hallway showcases the theatrical elements of the homeowner’s apartment, with stage lights spotlighting the kitchen and living room ‘sets.’ The layout is adaptable, so the space can be divided into intimate areas or opened up when friends come to visit.

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The glazed doors were sourced from the basement of the historic Puck Building. They conceal shallow cupboards where the homeowner hangs his favorite hats.

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Photos: Courtesy of Wettling Architects



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