Light-flooded family house in Spain reflects vitality and charm

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Positioned in the countryside, this family house in Spain was reformed by designer Jorge Quintans, full of natural light and spacious living areas. Prior to finding this house, the family had lived in the city center of Madrid. However, the pace of life with children and not being able to visit a park without adult supervision led the family to consider moving away from their urban lifestyle. The home is positioned in a quiet area with a beautiful terrace, the perfect place for children to safely play outdoors. The rehabilitation of the home included replacing old doors with modern designs, cabinets were updated and the flooring was replaced with a warm wooden planks. Additionally, character was added into the interiors, cheerfully decorated with intense colors in open spaces to visually reflect the vitality of the family. The distribution of spaces also adapted to the lifestyle needs of the family. On the ground level, there is a spacious kitchen with a breakfast nook, a bathroom and open plan living and dining area. Off this space, double glass doors and skylights in the form of an arch opens to a terrace, flooding the home with natural light. The second level houses the private zones, with a private master bedroom suite with an en-suite bathroom and three additional bedrooms and a second bathroom to share amongst the three kids.

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To give a personal touch to the home, the homeowners added sculptures, paintings and wire figures to highlight their tastes. The end result is a home that reflects a family lifestyle with personality that exudes character.

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Photos: Mi Casa

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