Fascinating modern rejuvenation of a Vinegar Hill Apartment

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This Vinegar Hill Apartment was the modern rejuvenation of two lifeless apartments adding warmth and character by General Assembly, located in Brooklyn, New York. The owners purchased two one-bedroom penthouse apartments, encompassing 1,378 square feet of living space, as well as the hallway between them. Both apartments each had their own 1,154 square foot decks. Instead of going the conventional way and combining both apartments, the homeowners went a less traditional way and kept the spaces separate to cater to their lifestyle. One of the apartments was the private zone, that had spaces such as an enclosed bedroom, the other housed the public zone which has an open plan concept for entertaining family and guests. The spaces were configured based on light, the owners wanted the public side to be where the sunset and the sunrise on the private zone. The home showcases great attention to detail in the custom Walnut millwork and offers a variety of warm and natural materials such as marble slabs in the shower and kitchen, concrete wall and ceiling details, steel and reclaimed wood floors. Steel and glass doors helps to delineate space between the public and private zones. Floor to ceiling flush millwork helps to expand the space upwards, helping to create the illusion of more space.

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The roof decks were also divided by a hallway for two separate functions. One of the decks simulate a yard, by being covered in AstroTurf for the dogs to play on. The other deck is a human-only space that offers an urban garden and a grill, perfect for entertaining guests.

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Below the built-in work space the designer integrated a flip out bed called a shikibuton. Comfortable enough for guests to sleep on for a couple of nights, but not so comfortable that they will never leave!

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The open plan living room offers sensational views of the Manhattan bridge. A projection screen above the console table allows for perfect viewing even on a bright day. The screen was designed to be integrated into the ceiling above when not in use.

Vinegar Hill Apartment-General Assembly-11-1 Kindesign

A private elevator entrance seems hidden behind clever wallpaper detailing.

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In the bedroom area is an office, separated by large pivot hinge doors, so the bedroom can feel more spacious when it is open, but closed off and private when clients are over working.

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Vinegar Hill Apartment-General Assembly-16-1 Kindesign

Photos: Joe Fletcher Photography and NY Times

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