Imposing modern home with sophisticated interiors in Southampton

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Downs Path Residence is two story imposing modern home which was designed by Blaze Makoid Architecture, located in beautiful Southampton, New York. Upon arrival to this fascinating home, you will notice that the exterior facade is all white, with black trimmed windows and front entryway door. Once you step foot in through the front door, you will notice that the entry is double height and very bright and airy.

The flooring is a beautiful charcoal colored stone tile, that contrasts nicely with the white toned walls. As you step further into the interior, you will notice that the flooring changes to hardwood planks in the public social spaces. Area rugs are used to add texture and pattern to a very neutral color palette. With windows punctuated throughout the home on both levels, it allows the house to take advantage of natural daylight. The public spaces are separated by the private spaces with the advantage of having a second story.

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The exterior of the home offers green manicured landscaping, a sparkling swimming pool and lovely outdoor seating areas, perfect for entertaining family and guests. We would love to hear your thoughts on this home, is it your style?

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This elegant bathroom is covered with white marble and a beautiful warm wood for the cabinetry and wood slat blinds that is perfect for privacy but still allows some natural light to filter into the luxurious space. Barcelona stools in white leather adds a luxurious touch to the space.

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Photos: Daniel Gonzalez Photography


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