Outdoor Patio Furniture: 5 Best Brands To Check Out


If you have an outdoor patio or deck, you will need some good furniture to make the space inviting when you are entertaining guests. The season for entertaining begins in the spring and ends in late fall—unless you live in a temperate climate. August-September can be an ideal time to purchase outdoor furniture. The fall season is a fantastic time to get a great deal on patio furniture, as stores are pushing out their past-season furnishings to make space for their winter essentials. If you are thinking of hosting an outdoor Fall Party, then outdoor furniture might be just what you need!

High quality patio furniture is a simple and extremely effective way to dramatically increase not only the comfort of your outdoor living space, but its appearance too. Cheap patio furniture ages quickly and becomes “tacky” in very little time — but quality sets and cushions will look and feel great for years to come. So, what makes a “quality” set? The easiest way to get started on your outdoor furniture shopping adventure is to know which “brands” have the best quality products.

You can click this link to read a fuller list of the best patio furniture brands, but we’d like to narrow it down even further. Here are our 5 favorite brands that give you the most bang for your buck!

1. Tropitone


Tropitone was originally established in 1954 specifically to serve the commercial market, catering to the likes of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and more. But over time they’ve become leaders in the residential space as well, and deservedly so. If you want top marks for quality, price, and a proven track record, Tropitone is your top pick.

2. Sunset West


Sunset West has been a family business for three generations, but in recent years has distinguished itself with an impeccable sense of style. Made with a very modern sensibility, their furniture nevertheless has a timeless look about it that makes us confident a sofa set or bar table from Sunset West will look as good on our deck 5 years from now as it does today.

3. Alfresco Home


Alfresco Home is one of the better “bang for your buck” names. They make surprisingly high quality and comfortable furniture for the price tag, in a wide variety of styles. They don’t focus on a specific design aesthetic, but offer a great selection of products to match your home and budget.

4. Harmonia Living


One of the newest names on this list, Harmonia Living began in the 2000’s with the goal of filling the daybed-sized hole in the outdoor furniture industry: moderately priced, high quality furniture. The goal was to use minimal design while maximizing component quality in the manufacturing process, and to use smart logistics to reduce overhead, so the savings get passed on to the customer. To an extent, they have definitely succeeded: while not exactly cheap, Harmonia Living products are very solid and long lasting, if not particularly unique, and they offer a ton of customizability that you just don’t get with other brands. It’s possibly the best all-around choice for the smart shopper.

5. Forever Patio


As their name suggests, Forever Patio strives to make high quality furnishings that last a lifetime. They are a mid-range brand that keeps costs pretty low, but create very eye-catching products that will look great on any patio. They tend to avoid the box-y stylings of many of their contemporaries and experiment with shapes in ways that sometimes yield breathtaking results. Forever Patio is an interesting and low cost option that may not be for everyone, but if their style is up your alley, their price point will make you fall in love!  Visit Forever Patio here for more information.

(Note: This is a sponsored post by Patio Productions)

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