Modern home in Sagaponack features striking palette of wood and glass

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This modern spec home was designed as a luxurious family vacation retreat by Blaze Makoid Architecture, located in Sagaponack, New York. This linear, single story home is comprised of 10,000 square feet of living space. The exterior facade showcases a glass and metal structure on grade that is carved down to a basement level on either end. This allows for a below-grade garage on one side of the property and a small courtyard for two guest bedrooms on the opposing side.

When the homeowners purchased this home, the opted to spend a year living in it to better understand their lifestyle needs. They also had to take into consideration, as their family grows, what amenities they would require in the future. A new interior layout addresses the issues of family living. From the exterior, wood and glass elements intermingle to add warmth to the existing material palette of an “aluminum skin”.

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Here is what the architects have stated about the project on their website: “The first wood ‘tube’ bisects the main structure, creating an entry plinth a few steps above the existing floor and setting up a visual alignment with a new pool house structure across the property. The second and third elements occur at either end of the existing structure, separated by small glass bridges.

The new home office spans and helps to screen the not so inviting sunken garage drive, providing a more inviting, wood façade during approach.  The two story master suite at the opposite end consists of a wood and glass bedroom and bath at grade level sitting atop a concrete, basement level plinth containing a substantial dressing room that opens up to the sunken courtyard.”

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What We Love: This striking modern home features a beautiful balance of materials, clean lines and meticulous design details. Indoor and outdoor living spaces caters to the lifestyle of a family vacation retreat. An open and spacious interior layout is modern yet warm with the heavy use of wood accents. Expansive use of glass invites nature inside and illuminates the interiors with natural light… Readers, what are your thoughts, is this your idea of a dream home?

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Photos: Joshua McHugh

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