Mid-Century Modern Westlake Ranch House in Austin

Westlake Ranch House-01-Shiflet Group Architects-1 Kindesign

With a luminous and airy modern layout, this mesmerizing ranch house was designed by Mark Ashby Design in collaboration with Schiflet Group Architects in AustinTexas. The home was originally constructed in 1961 and was in need to a major overhaul, reconfiguring the interior layout and updating finishes and materials. The new design features an open floor plan with expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that floods the interiors with natural light. The renovation included an expansion of the kitchen, doubling its size, incorporating a state-of-the-art sound system and constructing new exterior living spaces. The designer worked in close collaboration with the owner to curate their collection of artwork that can be seen on display throughout the home. Most notably is this homes location, on a hillside property in the city of Westlake Hills, an affluent suburb of Austin on the edge of the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

The amazing fixture featured in the living room is a functional sculpture, with a futuristic look that also has mid-century modern flair. It is a Cross Cable Mobile in a powder coated aluminum nickel plated steel shade by David Weeks. The dimensions are: Standard Tier Length: 55” x 55”; Tiers can be customized up to 96”.

Westlake Ranch House-02-Shiflet Group Architects-1 Kindesign

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Westlake Ranch House-03-Shiflet Group Architects-1 Kindesign

Westlake Ranch House-04-Shiflet Group Architects-1 Kindesign

Westlake Ranch House-05-Shiflet Group Architects-1 Kindesign

Westlake Ranch House-06-Shiflet Group Architects-1 Kindesign

The flooring in the dining space are end cut wood. The pendant lamp hanging from the ceiling is a Akari Noguchi light sculpture.

Westlake Ranch House-07-Shiflet Group Architects-1 Kindesign

Westlake Ranch House-08-Shiflet Group Architects-1 Kindesign

Westlake Ranch House-09-Shiflet Group Architects-1 Kindesign

Westlake Ranch House-10-Shiflet Group Architects-1 Kindesign

Photos: Courtesy of Mark Ashby Design

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