Modern bioclimatic duplex loft with rooftop terrace in Paris

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A bioclimatic duplex loft has been transformed by the owner of Architecture Pélegrin and his wife into their dream home, located in Paris, France. The interiors features an elegant design scheme of black and white, where the lower level encompasses an open plan living room, dining room and a Mobili designed kitchen. In the center of the room is a dramatic spiral staircase that takes you to the second level where the private bedroom zones are located. Behind the spiral staircase, a circular living room creates a warm and inviting space for gathering with family and friends. The dining table was designed by the architect and custom made by a local craftsman. The curvaceousness of the kitchen enables an easy flow in this open concept space that is luminous with white walls and high ceilings.

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The architect took out the old railing of the mezzanine and replaced it was a custom designed canopy that allows for improved sound attenuation, thermal and olfactory. The interiors feature clean lines and materials selected to create an elegant atmosphere, such as oak wood flooring. Bioclimatic principles (aimed at providing thermal and visual comfort) incorporated into the design includes VMC double flow (a ventilation system of high energetic efficiency that ensures air quality), a heat pump and a radiant ceiling and flooring heating system.

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With free movement of space already applied on the lower level, it continues on on into the mezzanine level, where the rooms do not have any partitions. The spacious bedroom suite includes a walk-in closet and bathroom.

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What We Love: The open floor plan, spacious layout and the beautiful spiral staircase that really makes this cool little loft space. The best feature has to be the rooftop terrace, a nice little slice of heaven in a busy urban center and what a fantastic spot to enjoy a glass of wine or host a party… those views! How about you, what do you like most about this duplex loft?

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A view from the top of the mezzanine level gives you a stunning perspective of the circular living room.

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A rooftop terrace is the perfect spot to host friends to a cocktail party and enjoy the breathtaking views over Paris. The terrace is comprised of 50 square meters of living space, with a nice brick wall and slate roof in the backdrop.

Photos: Frédéric-Léon Ducout

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