Luxury villa provides a stunning oasis on the island of Formentera

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This villa had almost everything, great location, authentic architecture, and an excellent structure; but the new owners wanted to add some cozy outdoor spaces and warm and cozy decor to create an oasis. Purchased by an Italian businessman who already resided on the island, the property consisted of two buildings next to each other that were built back in the1970’s. Tucked in one of the most beautiful enclaves on the island, the property is surrounded by lush vegetation, with incredible views toward the neighboring Ibiza and the islet of Es Vedra.

The main transformation of the home was the outdoor spaces, porches were connected to the home to allow each room to have direct access to the exterior. A swimming pool was also added, as was a pavilion that serves as an area of shade and relaxation. The main building houses the living room, kitchen and two bedrooms with their bathrooms. The other annex houses two additional bedrooms and a bathroom as a separate guest quarters.

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The original architecture was preserved, such as the cement, stone, chimney and wooden beams in keeping with the rural architecture of the area. There was a complete renovation of the interior design, promoting rest and tranquility; adding lots of wood furniture pieces, fresh fabrics and a light color palette, as well as highlighting the views of the landscape with windows and doors.

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Above: The wooden pergola provides shade, the wardrobe cabinet houses an outdoor fridge. The deck is made of polished concrete, the island of Ibiza can be seen in the distance.

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What We Love: This spectacular luxury villa offers mesmerizing sea views from the sumptuous outdoor terraces and inviting swimming pool. Comfortable living spaces will beckon you to relax and enjoy a holiday experience in this peaceful oasis. Located in a countryside setting, the lack of neighbors and lush gardens will help to add to your relaxation. This is one decadent villa retreat we would love to visit… how about you? Could you envision spending your vacation luxuriating here?

Need to Know: Upon further research of this home, we discovered that it is also in use as a vacation rental. So if you fell in love, you are in luck! With four bedrooms and four bathrooms, this home sleeps up to eight guests. The price is available upon request, so if you would like to book, you can find more information on the holiday rental website, Your Formentera.

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Above: The sofas are covered in earthy hues decorated with pops of color form the striped toss pillows.

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Above: A canopied day bed that is enclosed with linen curtains.

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Above: An outdoor dining room features a large wooden dining table covered by a porch.

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Above: The lighting above the dining table is made of meshed wire that does not interfere with views.

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Above: The kitchen cabinetry has been painted white with ceramic tile countertops; the doorway leads to a pantry.

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Above: The canopy bed is made of bleached teak, covered by a French bedspread.

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Above: The corridor leading to the bedrooms has been separated by long draping curtains.

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Above: The master bedroom with a romantic iron bed.

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Above: A small porch porch can be accessed from the bedroom, with its original stone flooring.

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Above: The porch is attached to the home and thatched with pine branches covering a white-painted iron day bed which allows a comfortable enjoyment of the beautiful landscape.

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Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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