21 Inspirational examples of outdoor summer lounging spaces

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Expand your outdoor living room by creating summer lounging spaces on your property such as beautiful hammocks, daybeds, swinging beds and canopies. To create the perfect lounging space in your outdoor living spaces, make sure it is a private oasis that is quiet and with some privacy in case you want to take a nap. Lounging in your outdoor space will help you get some fresh air while reading a good book. Try taking a little siesta on a cozy hammock or you could even pull out a laptop and surf the web or do some work from home. There are numerous ways that you can devise your outdoor lounge space including some great DIY ideas that you will see in the images below. We have gathered together an amazing collection for you to draw some inspiration from.

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 DIY a Hanging Daybed: Creating your very own daybed is simple, all you need is lumber and a handful of basic equipment.

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This daybed swing was crafted out of palettes as a beautiful accent piece for an outdoor wedding.

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This awesome hanging daybed allows you to filter in natural ocean breezes through louvered shutters that allows you privacy. The natural hues and textures on this covered porch reminds you that you are at the beach.

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Suspended Hanging Daybed: This cool outdoor lounger is half hammock half daybed, suspended over a beautiful garden. Lounging here, you can enjoy the views of the adjacent pond or feel like you are a part of whats going on the outdoor dining table.

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Create an Outdoor Vacation Spot: This hammock is surrounded by plants on a shady deck, a cool place to lounge away from the hot summer sun. Most of your houseplants will do well in shady areas if you keep them well watered. When fall hits, just bring them back inside, so you can enjoy them all year round.

Tip: To avoid shocking your plants, be sure to acclimate them to the indoors by bring them in about a week before for just half the day before moving them in full time.

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Treeptop Views: Nestled high up in the trees, this hammock is netted to take perfect advantage of breezes filtering through to keep you cool while napping or lounging. Being this far up gives you the perfect vantage point to enjoy the surrounding lush vegetation. To get up to this cool little spot, notice the wooden ladder against the tree? Fun idea.

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Hammocks for Two: If you have found yourself fighting for quality lounge time on your hammock, why not install two so everyone is happy. These colorful woven hammocks allow for better air circulation even though they conform to your body.

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Make it Cozy: If you have a netted hammock that you feel is uncomfortable, trying making it cozier by adding a comforter and a throw, maybe even a pillow. When fall rolls around, the throw will be perfect to snuggle up in when the days get brisk.

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Canopy Bed Amidst the Trees: Cozy and private, this outdoor daybed is nestled at the edge of a tree-filled property. It is the perfect spot to relax, sip on a cold drink, read a book and bask in nature.

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Outdoor Lounge with a Sea View: This teak daybed is suspended from a grass-topped pavilion, overlooking the crashing of waves on the beach of Zihuatanejo Bay, Mexico.

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Japanese Inspired: Whether you are into mediation or sipping on some green tea, this suspended daybed is nestled amidst a backyard full of bonsai plants. Created to provide ultimate relaxation, the hues of the red and brown fabrics  on the cushions ties in perfectly with the Japanese theme of the backyard.

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