58 Amazing bright and colorful outdoor living spaces

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Adding a bright and colorful decorating palette to your outdoor living spaces can be a simple and very enjoyable task and in time for summer entertaining. Selecting bright colors for your furnishings and outdoor decor can completely change and enhance the appearance of your yard. Summer outdoor decorating is all about taking advantage of the most colorful season of the year. Merging bright colors with textural and decorative fabrics and playful decorations creates energizing outdoor spaces.

With beautiful green landscaping as your backdrop, be bold and add a dash of color here and a splash of color there to transform an outdoor space from dull to dazzling. We have a fabulous collection of colorful outdoor living spaces with some great tips that will help inspire you to create your own outdoor oasis. If you are seeking further information for your outdoor living spaces, have a look at our past articles of 31 Inspiring and stylish outdoor room design ideas and 50 Inspiring and delightful outdoor spaces.

{ Photo Above: Brian Patrick Flynn turned this space at his home into an outdoor living room. }

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Bright Hues. Paint dining chairs in bold colors and arrange them around a neutral tabletop. Distressed finishes and bold accessories give this open-air dining space even more personality.

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Beautiful Fabrics. Design an outdoor room with fabric. This deck’s setup is similar to an indoor living room arrangement: Outdoor fabrics in pretty patterns cover the plush seat cushions, the arbor serves as a wall and ceiling, and panels hang from the arbor to mimic window treatments. Accents such as lanterns and throw pillows finish the look.

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Add a Colorful Umbrella. Provide sun protection with style by upgrading your patio or deck with an umbrella that sports a fun color or pattern.

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Decorate a Fence. Try adding color to your outdoor decorating scheme with a fence covered with suspended flowerpots. It’s wall art for your outdoor room. Start with nine terra-cotta pots and coat the bases with spray paint. Next, plot the grid arrangement and secure pot hangers to the fence. Finish by suspending pots from hangers and filling each container with brightly colored annuals or herbs.

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Los Feliz guest house

Colorful Outdoor Living Spaces-12-1 Kindesign

Spectacular restoration of a New York townhouse

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Simple Splashes of Color. Colorful containers are a simple way to brighten an outdoor space. Choose pots in various colors, sizes, and textures.

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Add a Rug. Explore outdoor rug options to make outdoor living spaces feel more like rooms and they help define a space. Available in a myriad of colors, patterns, and sizes, these outdoor rugs often closely resemble their indoor counterparts in looks but are fabricated to brave moisture, sunlight, and the other weather elements.

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Add Splashes of Color. Add a pop of color to an outdoor seating area with bright chairs. In this space, green, pink, and orange metal chairs pop against the neutral deck.

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Patio Dining. This home’s bluish-purple French doors offers plenty of bright color for this patio. Since the patio is adjacent to the home’s kitchen, this simple picnic table is perfect for dining alfresco.

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Perfect Starting Point: This home’s exterior features the perfect starting point for this patio’s color scheme. Orange accents, such as throw pillows, hanging fabric, and an oversize letter “B,” stand out against the green exterior. Wood candle holders and potted plants bring the natural elements of the yard onto the patio. With plenty of seating and multiple tables, this patio is just right for enjoying bright summer days and warm summer nights.

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Create an Entertaining Atmosphere: Metal furniture is typically affordable and gives a cool color vibe to your garden or patio. A bar cart is always ready for a party, offering up a handy serving surface.

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Decorate with Stripes. Unify furnishings in a spectrum of colors with the accessories you choose. An assortment of furniture pulls together as a seating area when they share stripe pillows. An outdoor rug unifies the arrangement.

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Fabulous beach-chic house on Tybee Island

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Make it Cozy: This small deck offers a great balance of comfy furniture, a sun-shielding pergola, and colorful surroundings. Adding features that suit your needs is all it takes to create a colorful and enjoyable dream deck.

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Add Colorful Accents to Walls: When used as borders for outdoor living spaces, walls can quickly get boring. Wall containers, planted with trailing vines and blooms, or outdoor-suitable art, such as tin ceiling tiles or salvage outdoor signage letters found at flea markets, are good ways to dress up large stretches of siding or stone and add a fun splash of color.

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Add Bold Color: Bright hues or bold tones can help to draw attention to a particular feature of a porch, whether it’s an architectural detail or a centerpiece furniture item. Paint can be an inexpensive way to update based on your whims or design needs.

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Get Playful. Add character to your outdoor spaces by creating different designs in the deck flooring. Not all of the boards have to run the same direction, nor do need to be made from the same material. This cheerful deck bears a border of soft green paint that helps to frame the main seating area.

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