Industrial-chic urban loft in Budapest

Budapest Loft-01-1 Kind Design

The basement of a building in Budapest, Hungary, spotted on Casa Vogue, has been transformed into an industrial loft occupying a living area of 2,152 square feet (200 square meters). With a certain bucolic air and many masculine touches the environment is well-distributed and integrated in an intimate yet dynamic and comfortable setting. The home has been decorated by stylist Beatrix Torma, the property draws attention for its architecture with its large windows on all side, which brings clarity to the interiors. The kitchen is attached to the living room on one side and on the other is a winery, dining room and library.

The environments are divided by the punctual distribution of furnishings. The existence of wood throughout the dwellings helps to soften the industrial tone. A mix of materials of aluminum, brass, copper, cement creates a dialogue with somewhat lighter materials of glass, wood ceiling, the cement wall in the dining room and bedroom and the black lacquer wall of arched windows where there is a fireplace.

Budapest Loft-02-1 Kind Design

Budapest Loft-03-1 Kind Design

Budapest Loft-04-1 Kind Design

Budapest Loft-05-1 Kind Design

Budapest Loft-06-1 Kind Design

Budapest Loft-07-1 Kind Design

Budapest Loft-08-1 Kind Design

Budapest Loft-09-1 Kind Design

Budapest Loft-10-1 Kind Design

Budapest Loft-11-1 Kind Design

Budapest Loft-12-1 Kind Design

Budapest Loft-13-1 Kind Design

Budapest Loft-14-1 Kind Design

Photos: Imre Barna

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