Carpenter’s villa offers a dream life in Dalarö

Carpenter's Villa-01-1 Kind Design

This stunning carpenter’s villa found on Skona Hem is a private residence from the 1800’s, situated in Dalarö just outside Stockholm, Sweden. The homeowner’s purchased this house unseen and left the city life behind for a dream life in Dalarö. The house showcases a neutral color palette and calm atmosphere with antique touches throughout. Contemporary finds have been mixed with artifacts picked up from auction houses and flea markets.

Carpenter's Villa-02-1 Kind Design

Music room has been painted a dark gray color with two eye-catching gooseneck arm, bowling pins from the U.S. and rug from IKEA.

Carpenter's Villa-03-1 Kind Design

Carpenter's Villa-04-1 Kind Design

A contemporary fireplace is a focal point in the salon.

Carpenter's Villa-05-1 Kind Design

The prints and paintings in the living room come from auctions and garage sales.

Carpenter's Villa-06-1 Kind Design

In the hall stands an antique table bought at the auction house Metropol. It was bright green from the beginning, but now is painted black. Even the checkered floor is painted. Beautiful double doors lead into the living room.

Carpenter's Villa-07-1 Kind Design

White bedroom with lamps from Ikea and bedspread from Lexington.

Carpenter's Villa-08-1 Kind Design

Photos: Lina Östling

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