Luxurious Villa Dorata perched on the Amalfi Coast

Villa Dorata-00-1 Kind Design

Spotted on Italian Villas, Villa Dorata overlooks the scenic village of Positano, Italy and offers spectacular, panoramic views of the sea. This private four bedroom palazzo is luxuriously decorated in high-Baroque style from the elegant jewel tone hues to the ornate chandeliers, lavish tasseled draperies, exquisite frescoed ceilings, vaulted alcoves, and plush-cushioned furniture. Step onto the picturesque terraces and you will be surrounded by lush greenery and fragrant citrus groves, a garden of delights. The terrace offers guests an absolutely breathtaking panoramic view of the colorful houses that line Positano beach and as far out as the exotic Galli islands, completely surrounded by the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea.

The formal living room, adorned with gilt-framed artwork, opens through double doors to a verdant front terrace. Read by the firelight in the nearby study/sitting room, and then adjourn to the dining room, which leads to a grand, professional kitchen highlighted by a full stone fireplace and two pizza ovens as well as a private wine cellar. Downstairs, revel in a full-service private spa offering a Turkish steam bath, hot-and-cold water showers, sauna, Jacuzzi with oxygen-therapy, massage room, and exceptional tiled indoor swimming pool with waterfall and resistance-swimming option.

Step onto the private terrace to enjoy the views and an antique-tiled fountain with massage stones. On the first floor, two master bedrooms with sitting rooms and en-suite bathrooms both open onto a spectacular sea-view terrace. On the second floor, two suites overlooking the Mediterranean (and either Positano or the gardens), both offering private access to gardens with lemon and orange trees.

To stay at this fabulous villa, prices range from $2,824 – $3,766, from here.

Villa Dorata-01-1 Kind Design

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