Sustainable living in a Costa Rican villa

This fascinating home in Atenas, Costa Rica is called ‘Villa Areopagus’, designed by Paravant Architects. Sitting on a modest site, the 8,072 square foot (750 square meters) home has been custom designed to be as intimately connected to the natural landscape around it as possible. The exterior facade that faces the street is mostly opaque, with a massive concrete wall that has selective punctures, providing just a glimpse of the interior. There are openings into the home that were strategically placed in order to provide the home with cross ventilation and natural cooling. The cooling effect was also produced by the backyard pool, which acts as a cooling pond, reducing the temperature of the air that is pulled in through the house.

“The private facade faces south and features transparent glazing which allows for complete views of the valley towards San Jose. The exterior wall of the living room is a 16 meter retractable corner glass sliding wall. Connection to the landscape was very important to both the client and the architects. The retractable wall creates a truly complete experience of the indoors and outdoors simultaneously. The living can function as both a den and a patio. It can be both inviting and private. Solar and photovoltaic systems are installed on the roof to provide hot water and electricity. An onsite micro waste-water-treatment plant provides rain water collection for yard irrigation.” Via

Visit the website of Paravant Architectshere.

Photos: Julian Trejos

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That is an awesome house. I’ve been through the Atenas area and there’s not much like it in that region that’s for sure as far as design or features. And I’m sure the views out those windows are awesome. And great design for outdoor living, taking advantage of that ideal Central Valley climate.

Thanks for showcasing what’s possible as far as sustainable living in Costa Rica.