House Carqueija emphasizing outdoor living

House Carqueija was designed by Bento e Azevedo Arquitetos Associados, located in Camaçari, Bahia, Brazil. The residence consists of 2,798 square feet (260 square meters), intended to be more site sensitive, emphasizing the outside life, and providing functional and comfortable living spaces. With a simple and efficient plan, it is a ground floor house with 2 rooms, a chapel and a large and flexible social area, which integrate living, dining and TV room in an open space, linked to the outside area through a porch.

The house was horizontally sited into its site, a strong relationship and environmental concerns make the project keep the natural landscape and sloping topography, in a way that the house floats on the spot creating two different levels of occupations. A couple of steps lead to the entrance, from the house a stair connects the green outside area where the swimming pool and the barbecue are placed.

In order to have the best orientation, in a tropical county, the house closes itself from the front street view, which is west, and opens into the backyard, creating a privative and integrated place. That way, on the front facade, architectural elements, as a narrow windows and a pare-soleil was used to protect the house against solar irradiation, while the back facade, on east side, completely integrate the inside with the outside, through large windows, sliding doors and a porch, connecting the house with the green area. Via

Visit the website of by Bento e Azevedo Arquitetos Associados here.

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