Beautiful summer cottage retreat on Skåtøy Island

The Summer House Skåtøy, designed by studio Filter Arkiteketer, consists of a lovely summer cottage located on an island, South coast of Norway. The request of the client was for the architects to create a retreat that opens up towards the archipelago, while maintaining private outdoor areas. Here is a description of the project from the architects, “the starting point was an existing cottage from around 1940, damaged by dry rot. The new project is built on the footprint of this old cottage. The topography of the site is reflected in the section as two volumes; one volume containing a “sleeping cabin” (a sleeping area) cutting into another elongated volume containing the living and dining areas. These volumes create private outdoor space on the upper level connected to private outdoor space on the lower level. The Client wanted a maintenance free summer house. This resulted in a building clad in untreated timber, dry stone walls and sedum on the roof.”

Visit the website of studio Filter Arkiteketer here.

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