A modular and transportable low-energy house

The Fincube has been designed by Berlin-based firm Studio Aisslinger, and developed with a South Tyrolian team as a modular, sustainable and transportable low-energy house. The Fincube was created 1,200 meters above sea level near Bozen in Northern Italy, with a brilliant view of the famous Dolomite Mountains.

Made entirely of local wood, the building provides 505 square feet (47 square meters) of living space with a minimal CO2 footprint. The design is minimal, material-orientated, and in close touch with nature–the wooden space with a 360-degree triple glazing is furnished with a second facade layer, producing shade and giving the building a unique overall mushroom-like monoshape. The horizontal ledges give privacy to the Fincube and embed the building into forests, meadows, mountain sides or any nature resorts. The combination of long-lasting design and the option of changing its location after a while make the Fincube a flexible home or hideaway and a lifetime companion.

Together with South Tyrolean hotelier Josef Innherhofer, the Fincube was also conceptualized as a vision for future hospitality: a temporary Fincube village with minimum soil sealing can be placed in the middle of the most beautiful landscapes without permanently altering them. In contrast to all permanent buildings it could be easily changed, extended, scaled down or removed and the area would soon be renaturalized back to normal. These qualities turn the unit into an answer to future needs of flexible and smart tourism.

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1 year ago

Beats a tract home.

Adrian Fields
11 years ago

It’s amazing and cost effective!