Peaceful Mediterranean style home in Bali

The Lovelli Residence was designed by Word of Mouth Architecture, set on the west coast of trendy area of Seminyak, Bali. The brief of the home was to create a fun, unique space in which the client, an Italian socialite/jewellery designer, could live and entertain. Set on only 300 square meters of land, the site presented challenges not only in terms of its limited size but also its east orientation. The design solution therefore required a creative use of the space, where different functions could harmoniously overlap and interact with each other, the dining area also becomes a lounge, the living zone flows seamlessly into the pool area, and each bedroom functions also as a living space. The result of allowing the spaces to overlap, instead defining functions by changes in level and sliding panels, is a sense of a much larger space.

The first floor is dominated by the master bedroom, flanked on 3 sides by green terraces, which maximize natural light and enhance the perception of the size of the space. Here too, functions comfortably overlap each other within the one area there is a visual interaction between the bed, bathtub, shower, sink, and writing table. All vertical partitions on this floor are treated using wooden louvers to maximize the natural light, giving this space a much lighter feel in contrast to the strongly defined concrete structure of the floor below.

The overall aesthetic of the villa is a tribute to the Mediterranean architecture that played a role in the backgrounds of both the client and Italian-born Audrito. Rounded corners are favored over hard edges in order to infuse softness to the imposing lines of the structure. The material palette is purposefully restrained; largely consisting of white rendered walls, polished concrete and white painted timber, all offset with an abundance of natural vegetation. The client requested that the architectural material palette be limited as much as possible to black and white (the only colors she wears). As is typical of the architecture of Word of Mouth, the color is instead introduced in the playful interior furnishings; a combination of items selected from all over the word, and pieces designed by the practice, such as the furniture range inspired by eggs. Via

Visit the website of Word of Mouth Architecture here.

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