Fascinating stacking green house in Vietnam

This tropical, unique and green house, entitled “Stacking Green” is located in Saigon, Vietnam, designed by architecture firm Vo Trong Nghia Co., ltd. The home got its name because its facades are filled with vigorous and vital greenery. The modern residence was designed for a thirty-years-old couple and their mother, a typical tube house constructed on the plot 4m wide and 20m deep. The front and back facades are entirely composed of layers of concrete planters cantilevered from two side walls. The distance between the planters and the height of the planters are adjusted according to the height of the plants, which varies from 25 cm to 40 cm. To water plants and for easy maintenance, we use the automatic irrigation pipes inside the planters.

The house structure is a RC frame structure widely used in Vietnam. The partition walls are very few in order to keep interior fluency and view of green facades from every point of the house. During the day we get the varying light with the time of day trimmed by the top-light in the center. In the morning and the afternoon, the sunlight enters through the amount of leafs on both facades, creating beautiful shadow effects on the granite walls, which are composed of strictly stacked 2cm stones.

The green facade and roof top garden protect its inhabitants from the direct sunlight, street noise and pollution. Furthermore, natural ventilation through the facades and 2 top-lights allow this house to save a big energy in a harsh climate in Saigon. Concerning these ecological approaches, we referred a lot to the bioclimatic principles of traditional Vietnamese courtyard house. Via

Visit the website of architecture firm Vo Trong Nghia Co., ltd. here.

Photos: Hiroyuki Oki

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